LPC-NPA reiterates warning for the 2022 election campaign period in Central Negros

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There are two existing governments in the country- one is headed by the madman Duterte and the other by the Communist Party of the Philippines, its New People’s Army, and the National Democratic Front. The former is corrupt and moribund, while the latter is continuing to gain strength as the revolutionary fervor of the oppressed masses remain steadfast. It is no secret that the reactionary status quo deceives the people through choosing which individual from the ruling class gets to reign over them for the next 6 years, a fact that is still evident even in the 2022 national elections season. Meanwhile red political power is steadily gaining ground in the countryside despite relentless attacks of the AFP, PNP, and NTF-ELCAC.

As a co-belligerent in the country’s civil war over 5 decades long, the People’s Democratic Government has the authority to subject reactionary politicians campaigning in its areas to its policies. Vote buying, political violence, intimidation, bringing along armed goons and reactionary troops, and other related crimes are strictly disallowed in NPA areas. If they are caught committing aforesaid violations, they will be sanctioned accordingly, and monies will be seized to augment programs of the PDG. Thus, politicians are recommended to use their funds to aid collective projects, genuine people’s cooperatives, livelihoods, and other social services instead of partaking in the usual practice of dirty campaigning.

Negros’ sugarcane monocrop economy may sound sweet, yet it is actually bitter to the lives of millions of Negrenses who are mostly farmers and farm workers affected by the country’s neoliberal policies, corruption-laden schemes amid a pandemic and natural disasters, and the violence through focused military operations and hamletting of barangays through misnomered community support programs.

With reactionary elections drawing near and the region still suffering from the vicious attacks of the US-Duterte regime, the NPA as soldiers of the oppressed are poised to defend the rights and welfare of Negrosanons and the entire Filipino people through advancing the Protracted People’s War. Those oblivious to the plight of the masses and consciously hampering their well-being will be targeted by revolutionary justice, including politicians.

The NPA’s continuing military actions in various scales from the punishment of military assets and criminals, sniping and harassment operations and ambuscades in the guerilla fronts of Central Negros, even right under the noses of their patrol bases, is proof that the armed revolution with a just cause is far from being decimated, contrary to the incessant and often illogical claims of the AFP. Like broken records, they repeat their slogans of the NPA having a ‘minimal force’ and the masses ‘withdrawing their support’, yet cry as victims when hit by the NPA.

The 3rd ID and the entire AFP are in no position to holler that the NPA are cowards because of ‘not facing them in open combat’. Generals Pasaporte and Arevalo can educate themselves online with the plethora of articles, documents and videos they like to take down through their trolls, that the NPA is a guerilla army, and will be at a disadvantage against the advanced equipment and numbers of the AFP in conventional warfare. It should be important to note that after successful offensives of the NPA they label the revolutionaries as cowards when it is the AFP who have committed genuinely cowardly acts through indiscriminate bombing and overkill through air strikes like what transpired in various regions in Visayas and Mindanao, and the cold-blooded murder of hors de combats Ka Oris, Ka Bok, Ka Kelly, Ka Ella, Ka Anita, and several more.

Over and over again the AFP and NTF-ELCAC’s slander are disproved by the NPA’s masterful application of extensive and intensive guerilla warfare through an ever-widening and ever-deepening mass base. Elections or not, the ruling class and their mercenary AFP-PNP will tremble before the unity of the Filipino people and their NPA desirous of revolutionary change and lasting peace. ###

LPC-NPA reiterates warning for the 2022 election campaign period in Central Negros