LUMABAN statement on the Oslo Joint Statement

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As an allied member organization of the NDFP, LUMABAN (Lupon ng mga Manananggol para sa Bayan) recognizes genuine efforts to address the root causes of the armed revolution.

We welcome the Joint Statement issued by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. We commend the Negotiating Panel of the NDFP for its principled engagement with the GRP as it takes this initial step towards achieving just and lasting peace.

While we are hopeful that this is a small step forward, we remain ever cautious; for there is much to hurdle and we are aware of the sacrifices that the revolutionary forces, together with the oppressed and exploited Filipino people, have to take in the struggle for national freedom and democracy against an exploitative and oppressive system under the dictates of a US-Marcos Jr regime.

We must ever be vigilant because the ruling class continues to wage war against the Filipino people.

Not only have the people been ever more vulnerable to the onslaught of economic upheavals brought about by neo-liberal policies to support a semi-colonial, semi-feudal society, they continue to suffer from the most brutal effects of state terrorism that knows no bounds in its violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws.

Even while they speak “peace”, the US-Marcos regime has announced, through its security sector, that the terrorist designation of the CPP-NPA-NDFP will remain. Even while they speak “peace”, the ruling class continues to sharpen its claws as it rampantly implements oppressive laws such as the Anti-Terror Law, EO 70 and MO 42 against those who stand up for truth and justice. Even while they speak “peace”, the relentless and indiscriminate bombings in the countryside to completely obliterate guerrilla fronts continue. These bombings wreak havoc on the lives and livelihood of the masses.

Thus, LUMABAN shall remain vigilant as we vow to support this initial impetus to talk peace by striving to be an effective force for the national democratic revolution, not only in the defense and promotion of social and political justice but also in the building of a genuinely just, patriotic, democratic and prosperous society of the Filipino people.

LUMABAN statement on the Oslo Joint Statement