Marcos Jr. is a tame sheep to foreigners but a rabid wolf against the people

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In yet another act of servility, Marcos Jr. is now advocating for the return of all value added taxes that tourists paid for while in the country from 2020 onwards. This is purportedly to encourage more tourists to visit the Philippines. Meanwhile, what does Marcos have for the Filipino people? Additional taxes are set to be implemented this 2023 including those for digital and online services, vehicles such as motorcycles and pick-up trucks, products such as softdrinks and cigarettes. VAT exemptions for senior citizens and persons with disability are also set to be removed. Indeed, Marcos Jr. is a very tame sheep of the ruling classes. But in the eyes of the nation, he is incomparably vicious and malevolent.

These changes in the national tax system are part of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Package (CTRP) that began its implementation in 2018. This is in adherence to US dictum of the supposed necessity of lowering corporate taxes and foreign entities’ taxes while increasing the Filipino people’s consumption taxes to encourage more foreign investments.

Through the regressive and pro-foreign tax system of the country, the government forcibly imposed an additional 12% tax over the original prices of all products and services. This is most felt by the poorest Filipinos who value every cent. Meanwhile, the ruling classes and richest individuals and families cannot be bothered with such trivial price increase.

And now, instead of easing the burdenous taxes that the people endure from, Marcos will brazenly return all VAT collected from tourists. He audaciously allows the rich and big corporations to escape paying their due taxes. In fact, may laws exist within the reactionary system, including the second package of CTRP, that patently advocates loosening and easing the taxation for big and foreign corporations.

Worst of all, the tax collected from the blood and sweat of the Filipino nation does not translate to funding for their welfare and interests. The public funds are systematically squandered by a ruling few, pocketed and utilized for their self-interests. Or, are funelled to big-ticket contracts, anti-people and fascist projects.

NDF-Bikol calls on the Bikolano masses and the rest of the nation to challenge this move and all other attempts to worsen the destitution of the people. Expose Marcos Jr. for the vile puppet that he is and his sole obsession of filling himself up as well as his fellow bureacrats and foreign masters.

Marcos Jr. is a tame sheep to foreigners but a rabid wolf against the people