Marcos speaks of additional social protection for military and police yet none for ordinary Filipinos

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During the graduation ceremonies in the Philippine Military Academy last May, Marcos mentioned In his speech the steps that his government has undertaken to ensure additional social protection for the military and police. What a giant insult it is to the people that the US-Marcos regime falls over its knees just to ensure that its paid murderers are far from any type of danger and can live decent and comfortable lives when it allows ordinary Filipinos to gamble their lives everyday and be pushed to desperate measures in exchange of fleeting respite from poverty.

As he speaks of nurturing the AFP-PNP, hundreds of communities around the Philippines are destroyed by intense militarization, flattened by non-stop aerial bombings and widescale military operations. While he speaks of protecting the military and police, thousand of civilians are abused and killed, workers and their unions are dismantled, communities are displaced and wrecked. While he guarantees the future of his murderers, he patently sells the national sovereignty and offers the nations’ riches and resources up to foreign entities.

With these kind of statements, Marcos only further reveals the true nature of this state of the ruling classes. Just to preserve the current system, he needs to satiate the foundations of his state including the military and the police regardless if nothing is left for the rest of the nation. Just to stay in power, Marcos will do anything – be it letting the people die of hunger just to ensure that his military officials and the ruling classes are all satisfied.

NDF-Bikol stands with the nation in condemning and resisting this anti-people US-Marcos regime. The current regime is a clear illustration of a rotten and subservient puppet government that cares for nothing but its self-interests and the interests of its masters. The exploited and oppressed are in just grounds in choosing the path of fighting and revolutionary struggle. In waging a people’s democratic revolution, the nation can methodically fulfill and build the kind of society it aspires. A society where the people will be held important, where their social protection and democratic interests will always be served to the fullest.

Marcos speaks of additional social protection for military and police yet none for ordinary Filipinos