NDF-Bohol condemns abduction, torture and summary execution of activist Arthur Lucenario

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The National Democratic Front-Bohol condemns the murder of organizer and activist, Arthur “Ka Jasper” Lucenario, and NDF consultants by the forces of the Government Republic of the Philippines.

The reactionary state and the criminal soldiers of the 47th IBPA and RMG here in Bohol has once again spunned a ridiculous story. On the 12th of May 2023, at 6:00 in the morning, news agencies reported on a fake encounter at Barangay Tabuan, Antequera which allegedly killed one and injured two members of the New People’s Army.

There is no truth to this “encounter.” There was no “clash” between the AFP and NPA that day. It is an old and recurring practice of the reactionary government’s agents to abduct, torture and murder activists and civilians, and then claim that they were killied in encounters by planting firearms near their dead bodies.

Lucenario, who was last seen on the 14th of April this year in the town of San Miguel, was reported as abducted by the troops of the 47th IB at 3:00 early in the morning, while driving a motorcycle. While in the hands of the fascists, he experienced various forms of torture, with evident marks od his dead body.

Fascists killed Ka Jasper, who was a civilian, a youth and farmer organizer – not a soldier of the New People’s Army. To justify the crime, they placed a .45 calibre pistol on his right hand and indiscriminately opened fired for almost 10 minutes which inflicted great trauma and fear among the people. The hands of the fascist regime of Marcos, Jr. and the reactionary army is stained with blood from killing of Ka Jasper and many other victims. They must be held accountable for their crimes against the people.

The criminal National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC), AFP, PNP, and other paramilitary groups are the machineries of the reactionary government in violating human rights, causing suffering, killing, and obstructing peace.

The revolutionary movement here in Bohol is always open and ever supportive of the peace negotiations between the GRP and NDFP. However, a just and lasting peace can only be attained when there is societal justice and this can only be attained through armed struggle through the protracted people’s war.

As long as the semicolonial and semifeudal system in the Philippines is ruled by US imperialism, big comprador bourgeoisie, and big landlords remain, the revolutionary armed struggle of the people will persist to forge their own free, peaceful, and abundant future.

NDF-Bohol condemns abduction, torture and summary execution of activist Arthur Lucenario