NDF-Panay on the 48th anniversary of the NDFP

All revolutionary forces in Panay happily and proudly greet the NDFP on its 48th anniversary. NDF-Panay has maintained its growth and strength inspite of the worst terrorist attacks by the fascist Duterte Regime in 2020. The mercenary AFP and PNP have launched focused military operations and deployed RCSP units had occupied a good number of our guerilla zones and bases since last year. What is most despicable was the massacre of nine Tumandok peasants. The murder of 5 unarmed and helpless activists and teh areests of more than 70 innocent civilians in the countryside and urban areas.

The NTF-ELCAC wth Duterte at the lead has timetabled to crush the revolutionary struggle by 2020. Ironically, the allied member-organisations of NDF-Panay, especially the New People’s Army have had more recruits coming from the victims of the state’s brutality and atrocities.

Many peasant masses have been terrorized and coerced by the fascist troops fearing for the lives, livelihood and safety. Inspite of these, they continue to support and participate in the revolutionary armed struggle through many secret and creative ways.

The Duterte fascist regime has proven itself to be so inept, incompeted and isolated form the people. The community pantry is a clear action of the people’s initiative to help each other and alleviate the hunger and desperation of millions of our people left out in the cold by the militarist regime.

In reactionary knee-jerk manner, the NTF-ELCAC redtagged the organizers of the community pantries eliciting condemnation from the public and further isolating itself.

The NDF-Panay fully supports and encourages the community pantry as a form of the people’s initiative to solve their problems through collective and selfless action.

Let us not be cowed by the tyran Duterte’s foul-smelling kill, kill, kill language.

Let us not be afraid of the cowards and bullies, cannons, bombs and bullets. Duterte the tyrant in truth despises the Filipino people but he is more afraid of them.

Let us unite, rise up, and end this tyranny.

NDF-Panay on the 48th anniversary of the NDFP