Party boy Marcos II keeps traveling around while the country drowns in debts

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The President’s junkets and trips seem to have no end. While Marcos II dawdles abroad, the country sinks further into bankruptcy. National debts already amount to more than P13.856 trillion and still increasing. This is the largest debt the Philippines have had accumulated since the Malolos Congress in 1898.

The funds that the puppet US-Marcos regime borrows and squanders away could have been used to resolve problems that swamp the Filipino nation. Especially since his trips bear no fruit other than more debts and unjust agreements that further endangers the people and national interests.

Marcos’ ultimate interest in his trips abroad is to sell the country’s resources and encourage even more foreign direct investments. He insists on the delusion that these would improve the national economy. But jobs that come from foreign investments can only inject low-level, short-term and artificial growth to the economy. It will cause more damage than benefit – from big businessmen’s exploitation of Filipinos’ cheap labor to the abuse of national natural resources.

The regime’s continual adherence to neoliberal economic policies have only caused the nation incomparable suffering. Commodities’ prices keep on spiking while ordinary people’s wages remain meager.

Decades of neoliberal policies have deeply weakened the economy. The masses have increasingly felt the effects of the country’s lack of capacity for local production, dependence on product importation and the dearth of state’s support for local production. Only a handful of big capitalists and cartels control majority of the production, distribution of products as well as pricing in the market.

The inept regime must be condemned and made to pay for its blatant disregard of the Filipino people and wasting away public funds for Marcos II’s useless junkets and trips. The people must assert that the public funds must be used for the public’s welfare and interests, not for the illegitimate president and his cronies’ caprice.

Party boy Marcos II keeps traveling around while the country drowns in debts