PNP officials’ so-called courtesy resignation, a ploy to avoid accountability

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The PNP brazenly toys with the incontinent laws of its own government. It has long been known to the public that PNP serves as a haven for corruption and criminal syndicate activities such as the illegal drug trade. But instead of publicly revealing what the PNP says to be another round of identified high ranking officials involved with illegal drugs so they can face criminal charges, it treacherously called for the resignation of these officials from their posts without any accountability to the law and the people.

They grandly called for the courtesy resignation of all top generals and colonels from their ranks to purportedly cleanse their institution and rid the top positions of corrupt officials involved in the illegal trade. They foolishly think they can deceive the public with these sly gestures. The truth is, for the PNP, this move exempts their fellow police from deeper criminal investigations, consequent penalties and full accountability while also serves as an attempt to salvage their rotten image.

This is strongly infuriating especially amidst the bloody and brutal drug war of the previous Duterte regime that the current administration continues. Around 35,000 civilians and ordinary citizens were arbitrarily killed, planted with evidences and whose remains have even been paraded off, all without due process. This reality is a clear proof that the police knows no rights when it comes to the ordinary Filipino but when their interests are at stake, they will stop at nothing to circumvent responsibility – be it in accordance to the law or not.

The PNP digs its own grave. By instigating these underhanded ploys, they only further reveal how rotten the institution really is and how deeply entrenched the culture of impunity within is. They themselves drive the people to realize that they cannot trust the PNP and the whole armed forces of the reactionary state.

PNP officials’ so-called courtesy resignation, a ploy to avoid accountability