Prioritize laws that benefit the people, not more incentives for mercenaries

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There is an ongoing food crisis, job crisis, climate disasters and a myriad of other burdens that the masses endure on a daily basis. But since the reactionary state has no other goal but to protect the interests of the ruling elite and suppress the people who struggle against the status quo, it comes as no surprise that bureaucrats would prioritize bills focused on oiling the state’s fascist machinery. Currently being eyed in Senate is Senate Bill 1816 or the Combat Incentives Act which aims to increase benefits that the mercenary AFP-PNP force receives.

The said legislation seeks to increase the combat duty pay (CDP) from P3,000 to P5,000 and the combat incentive pay (CIP) from P300 to P1,000. These combat pays are given to elements who conduct field operations, military activities and other similar operations. These are additional incentives to further egg on the military and police in launching brutal and bloody operations against the public.

In Bikol’s experience, ever since Duterte signed EO 201 which also hiked the CDP in 2016, armed confrontations involving rural communities that affected lives and livelihood of the masses have increased. The volume of fake encounters where civilians were slain and massacred has ballooned. Military operations have also intensified in regularity and magnitude which caused the disruption of residents’ economic activities and the escalation of human rights violations. To acquire larger sums of incentives, the AFP-PNP has been more brazen and brutal in their fascist activities and attacks against the civilian populace.

This is the nature of a truly terroristic state. While the whole nation is held hostage by poverty and hunger, it rewards and encourages murderous butchers to amp their attacks against the people. NDF-Bikol enjoins everyone to be vigilant of this bill and other legislation of this kind. It is imperative for them to demand from those in position to prioritize laws that the people will truly benefit from.

Prioritize laws that benefit the people, not more incentives for mercenaries