Reject the Big Lie being peddled by the AFP and Duterte

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Duterte and his military and police officials lied about the “Red October plot.” Now they are lying in accusing the NPA as perpetrators of the Sagay Massacre. They lie unscrupulously. They lie barefaced. They lie again and again.

The AFP chief is himself at the helm of this Big Lie campaign. Clearly Gen. Galvez is a disciple of Joseph Goebbels, top Hitlerite fascist ideologue, who propounded:

If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. If you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth. If you repeat a lie many times, people are bound to start believing it.

This time, however, the Filipino people are incredulous. They do not accept the lies being peddled by the AFP and Duterte.
Gen. Galvez and his cabal of liars are only making themselves look stupid by weaving one fantastic tale after another, however self-contradictory. On the one hand, they Red-tag the National Federation of Sugar Workers (NFSW) claiming that it is a front of the CPP/NPA. Yet, on the other hand, it claims the NPA is behind the killing of the peasants belonging to the NFSW. To resolve this illogical argument, they now insist on another Big Lie: that the killing is part of the “Red October plot” to incite the people against Duterte.

For the record, the CPP and NPA does not engage in such idiotic conspiracies and acts of terror to incite the masses. The grave social crisis worsened by Duterte’s policies and his fascist crimes are rousing the people enough. They are ever determined to see Duterte’s downfall.

Duterte and the AFP are peddling Big Lies to confuse the people and conceal their culpability for the Sagay Massacre which was perpetrated by the Special Civilian Active Auxiliary (RPA/SCAA) which is under the direct command of the AFP and financed by the big Negros landlords led by Duterte-ally Negros Gov. Alfredo Marañon Sr. and Mayor Alfredo Marañon Jr. of Sagay. The SCAA is headquarterd in the AFP camp inside Hacienda Mirasol, just two kilometers from the massacre site.

Duterte and the AFP are peddling Big Lies to drown the clamor of the peasants for land. The bloodthirsty Duterte and his military officials are staging high drama in expressing sympathy to the victims of the Sagay Massacre. Duterte gave them some cash and cellphones, clearly unsympathetic to the clamor of the peasants and farm workers who are demanding, not cellphones, but the right to till the land for food.
Duterte and the AFP are peddling Big Lies to seek justification for the extension and expansion of martial law powers. Duterte seeks absolute power to secure his tyranny through state terrorism.

Duterte and the AFP are peddling Big Lies in their desperation to discredit the NPA, a peasant army, which has been consistently and solidly behind the clamor of the peasant masses for genuine land reform. They are terror-struck as the NPA continues to grow stronger as the peasant masses are roused to take up arms and join the armed revolution.

The CPP reiterates its condemnation of the Sagay Massacre and the spate of killings in Negros and across the country. The massacre is the 13th case of mass killing by AFP troops and AFP-organized paramilitary groups. It will not likely be the last under Duterte’s Oplan Kapayapaan and Mindanao martial law.

Reject the Big Lie being peddled by the AFP and Duterte