Support the fight of the families of Duterte’s bloody anti-drug war victims

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NDF-Bikol commends the families of the victims of Duterte’s bloody anti-drug war for their bravery and determination in revealing to the world the crimes of the past president and make him pay for his blood debts. Despite of the treacherous journey, the families have now started submitting the testimonies for the continuation of the International Criminal Court’s investigations regarding the massive killing under Duterte’ anti-illegal drugs campaign.

The progress of the ICC investigations is a victory for the Filipino people who have been demanding justice and serves as a warning to the present Marcos government who continues the kill, kill, kill policy of the past regime. According to @DahasPH, there has been a recorded 232 killed individuals under the anti-drug war from January to September 2022. Not less than 79 of them, including three minors, were killed during the time of the US-Marcos regime.

Through international responses and investigations such as that of the ICC, not only is the country’s rotten justice system exposed but also the repulsive nature of a state that nurtures fascists and murderers and that defends violence and oppression of the people. The Marcos regime’s resistance against the investigations clearly shows their fear in the face of the determined march of the victims, human rights advocates and the whole Filipino nation.

In light of this, it is only just to condemn the flagrant treachery of militaristic lawmakers led by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who are now pushing for a directive to defend Duterte from his crimes to humanity and the Filipino people. From the ranks of Bikolano lawmakers, included to those who filed the contemptible resolution is Wilton Kho, congressman of Masbate 3rd district. Like Duterte, these duplicitous lawmakers have in their hands the blood of more than 33,000 ordinary Filipinos killed during the entire anti-drug war. Marcos Jr. and his minions led by DOJ Sec. Crispin ‘Boying’ Remulla and Presidential Legal Counsel Juan Ponce Enrile spare no ploy to sabotage the investigations. Enrile even declared the threat of arrest against ICC officials who will enter the country.

The delineation of sides in this fight for justice is starkly drawn. On one side are the people who demands justice and all those who champion human rights while on the other side are the fascists and anti-poor ruling classes such as the Marcoses, Dutertes, Arroyos and all their stooges. In the end, the Filipino nation can be rest assured that since the beginning and until the very end, whether it be within the bounds of parliamentary or outside this, the revolutionary movement is always with them in their struggle for genuine justice and peace.

Support the fight of the families of Duterte’s bloody anti-drug war victims