Tapestry of 50 Years of Resistance and Victories

In a celebration held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands today, more than 120 Filipinos and their international friends celebrated 50 years of struggle for social and national liberation in the Philippines.

Billed as a “Tapestry of Resistance” , the celebration featured a speech by Prof. Jose Maria Sison, the call for interantional solidarity by Luis Jalandoni. A film on the work of the people’s army and showcased militant cultural performances mounted by Filipino migrants in Europe. Exhibited were photos on the everday life of NPA warriors captured thru the lens of freelance photographer Boy Bagwis and paintings of Parts Bagani, and the art and poetry of Felix Salditos aka Maya Daniel. A photo gallery of heroes and martyrs of the struggle was shown.

NPA has continued to grow in strength – Joma

In a speech on the 50 years of the Filipino people’s armed revolutionary struggle, Prof. Jose Ma. Sison (Joma) emphasized that the NPA has already spread nationwide and is deeply rooted among the toiling masses and that it has frustrated all operational plans by the armed forces of the reactionary state.

Professor Sison traced the NPA’s history from its foundational years from 1969-1977 to the period of growth, conservatism and upsurge from 2002 – 2019.

Dutere loves war and hates peace

Commenting on the recent termination of the peace talks by Philippine President Duterte, Sison emphasized that the NDFP is always open to peace negotiations. But the recent termination of Duterte shows “Duterte loves war and hates peace”.

Powerful international solidarity needed

Chief International Representative Luis Jalandoni narrated the important role of international solidarity friends during the struggle against the Marcos regime, and how they helped in isolating the dictatorship both domestically and internationally.

“It is in view of the concrete and fast developing reality of the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation and the increasing danger of US imperialist intervention and even war of aggression, that we believe it is needed and opportune to launch and build the Friends of the NDFP! The Friends of the NDFP will be a systematic and organized way to develop a powerful solidarity for the Filipino people’s struggle for national and social liberation,” Jalandoni concluded.

NPA, the people’s beloved army

One of the highlights of the celebration was the showing of three short films: on the NPA not only as fighting army but an army that works, lives with and embraces the aspirations of the people; on the agrarian revolution being waged to respond to the peasantry’s demand for land; and on how the masses exercise their rights and fight for their interests through the organs of political power of the People’s Democratic Government being built today in thousands of villages and towns in the country.

The speeches, messages, cultural performances, exhibits and films were all presented as a “tapestry” that has helped explain and visualize the Filipino people’s continuing struggle for national and social liberation.

A Dutch artist and supporter, said the celebration has made even clearer to her that in its 50 years, the whole Philippine revolutionary movement is growing and achieving important victories for the people. ###

Tapestry of 50 Years of Resistance and Victories