Resist the neoliberal and militarist imperialist offensive! Strengthen the united front for national democracy!


The revolutionary forces and revolutionary mass organizations on Negros Island commemorate the 51st founding anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) with utmost zeal and optimism, determined more than ever to topple the semi-colonial and semi-feudal grip of imperialism in cahoots with local feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

Negrosanons are increasingly enraged over the worsening crises brought about by the imperialist neoliberal agenda on top of the El Niño phenomenon. Both multinational companies and local big compradors owning destructive mining and quarry operations, solar farms, ecotourism, export-oriented agribusiness ventures, among others, continue to displace Negrosanon peasant communities from their land and livelihoods. “Super” and “smart” cities in Bacolod and Dumaguete aim to demolish urban poor communities and exploit natural resources for profit. The PUV modernization scheme will result to thousands of jobless drivers and impoverished families amid extreme crisis.

As real wages dwindle in value compared to skyrocketing prices of basic goods, the El Niño phenomenon has further unmasked the reactionary government’s neglect of Negrosanons. Sugarcane, rice and corn fields and even agricultural work are adversely affected by severe drought while the Marcos regime has done nothing but pump militarization into communities both in cities and the countryside.

As the anti-people onslaught continues, the tiempo muerto has become a perennial ordeal for majority of the population on the island reliant on the monocrop sugar economy. The AFP, PNP, and NTF-Elcac let loose increasing reactionary violence on the island causing monstrous human rights violations against the poor and oppressed Negrosanons.

The AFP’s ludicrous effort to defeat the revolutionary movement after uncountable extended deadlines prove their eagerness to appease their US imperialist master. They are rushing to an impossible target of surmounting the armed struggle that will eventually blow up in their faces.

Furthermore, US imperialism is desperate to impose global hegemony. It is utilizing its cohorts in the AFP to push its rival, China, into “pulling the trigger.”

The threat of an inter-imperialist war grows more imminent as the US war machine has ramped up the Philippines and its other allies to engage in saber-rattling to push China until it is brought to the brink of an armed confrontation. The US is maximizing its neocolonial grip on the Philippines to use it as a military base and cannon fodder against China, while also leeching off the country’s rich natural reserves.

Amid this volatile situation, the NDF-Negros and its allied organizations are committed to broadening the united front against imperialism and continue to be at the forefront of the Filipino struggle against monopoly capitalism. At a time of sharpening socio-political crises, the masses must be aroused, organized, and mobilized in millions to resist the neoliberal and militarist imperialist offensive.

The NDFP represents the oppressed and exploited classes and sectors in Philippine society. It strengthens itself and its allied organizations in the cities and the countryside to fight for national liberation and democracy and overthrow the exploitative and oppressive ruling system by means of a national democratic revolution through protracted people’s war.

Along with the NPA and through the leadership of the CPP, the NDFP ensures the basic alliance of peasants and workers, the progressive alliance with the petty bourgeoisie, the patriotic alliance with the national bourgeoisie, and maximize the splits in the ruling class. Through this, the broadest number of people will be organized against imperialism, and struggle for national liberation, democracy, and just and lasting peace. ###

Resist the neoliberal and militarist imperialist offensive! Strengthen the united front for national democracy!