Teachers, unite and fight! Consolidate your force with the people in struggle!

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KAGUMA-Bikol extends its warm support of the rapidly expanding and strengthening teachers’ movement in Bikol and throughout the country. They are currently campaigning and advocating for various pertinent issues – additional funds and support for the education sector, heralding a nationalist, scientific and mass-oriented educational system, pushing back against state fascism and the attempt to militarize the whole sector. They valiantly face the challenges that arise from the fascist and current leader of education saboteurs – the Marcos-Duterte regime.

The educators’ clamor for their right to unionize, wage increase and benefits, job security, sufficient funds and apt programs for their sector and the disavowal of militarization of education is right and just. As the forgers who shape the Filipino youth who holds the nation’s hope and who are to continue the history and progress of the country, the responsibility of ensuring that the new generations are armed with enough knowledge and wisdom to face the future falls on their shoulders.

However, KAGUMA-Bikol is aware that reforms that could be achieved under a semicolonial and semifeudal society dominated by imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism have certain limits. The aspirations of a truly free and liberating educational system can only be realized through the way of the people’s democratic revolution. In Red schools within the revolutionary movement – be it in farflung barrios or run-down slums in cities, the growing seeds of a nationalistic, scientific and mass-oriented education truly thrive. In these Red schools, knowledge is shared and nurtured, not treated as a commodity to be profitted from nor a privilege bestowed to some. Its students who hail from the peasantry, workers, indigenous people, women, children, older generations and other sectors of society become adept in the theory and practice of society and use what they learn for the common good.

KAGUMA-Bikol invites an ever-increasing number of teachers to join the revolutionary movement and be part of these Red schools. Combine their intellect, wisdom and skills with that of the oppressed and exploited long prisoned by ignorance and despair. Join them in their study and learning process from the university of life. Forward a free and liberating type of education that will serve the majority.

Teachers, unite and fight! Consolidate your force with the people in struggle!