The reactionary state has failed to suppress the revolutionary movement in the Party's 50th anniversary!

28 AFP troops killed in 10 days

The US-Duterte regime and its lapdog Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have only hurt themselves despite its plan of eradicating the revolutionary movement, which will celebrate the Communist Party of the Philippines’ 50th anniversary in the North Central Mindanao Region.

Since December 6 up to 16, the AFP has suffered almost 30 casualties, counting the 28 killed and wounded in the boundaries of Agusan del Sur and Misamis Oriental. Spread through the ten days, the AFP had suffered at least three casualties per day.

Since December 1, the AFP had launched their military operations in full force in the mountainous areas of the region. Even before the said month, the AFP had launched its aerial reconnaissance, via drone surveillance in areas where there claim to be units of the New People’s Army (NPA). At the same time, the AFP intensified its militarization in barrios with civilians to ensure the regime’s widespread call of the entire revolutionary movement’s failure to celebrate the anniversary. Furthermore, the reactionary government did not declare a ceasefire because they believe that the revolutionary forces would have time to gain more power if they will do so.

At the start of their operations, about 400 AFP troops, including their Scout Rangers and Special Forces, started their military operations in the said mountains. The AFP launched this as the said troop’s test mission.

December 6, 2:40 PM, in Sityo Calahaan, Brgy. Minalwang, Claveria, Misamis Oriental, an NPA unit positioned near the enemy camp. They then fired at the soldiers when the latter closed in. In the said ambush, seven enemy troops were killed in action.

December 7, 9:30 AM and 2:40 PM, in Sityo Mahagwa, Brgy. Hagpa, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon, the AFP yet again suffered two casualties when Red fighters attacked the said troops. After this, the AFP then released eight cannon bullets.

December 12, 8:00 AM, Red fighters were able to attack soldiers who were idle at the time. After the said attack, surveillance planes roved 15 times at the area of said encounter.

Then, from 9:21 to 10:01 AM, the AFP then raided an NPA camp via air strike of two AW109 attack helicopters. The enemy bombed using eight rockets and strafed with a .50 cal machine gun. Despite this, the Red fighters were able to safely withdraw.

At 2:51pm, while a squad of NPA tried to retrieve their things at the raided camp, they overtook the enemies there. They saw the enemies bringing several Red fighters’ equipment. They then attacked and safely withdrew from the area.

December 13, morning, AFP’s aerial surveillance continued. Their two Huey helicopters roved several times through the nearby mountains. At 9:48 in the morning, the Red fighters once again encountered the same enemy column. Another column also pursued at the Red fighters’ position, but the latter managed to counter-attack. The encounter lasted for an hour and 32 minutes. After this, two AW109 attack helicopters bombed 11 rockets and strafed their .50 cal machine gun. The enemy also released 13 cannon bullets from afternoon ‘til evening. Despite this, the Red fighters were safe.

Within these two days, it was confirmed that the enemy troops suffered 15 killed-in-action, where 13 were left to rot by delayed rescue operation. It was also examined that a cannon was destroyed and a woman of the said community was hit and killed.

December 20, 2:30 AM, the Red fighters ambushed the enemy convoy who were departing from their military operation in Sityo San Isidro, Calabugao, of the same municipality. The soldiers were conveyed by a KM450 and M35. The residents saw that the KM450 flopped and four soldiers were killed.

The said incidents proved the incapability of the US-Duterte regime and its armed forces to fail the intensifying people’s armed resistance. It’s blatant that Duterte failed from his pedantry of the state’s last quarter offensive. The AFP’s advance equipment, through their aerial facilities, surveillance drones, high-powered rifles and the like, did not, and will not determine their capacity to suppress the people’s democratic revolution. Instead, while the state aggravated its desperate operations, the Red fighters were able to gather military tactics on how to counter the former’s fascist offensives.

Hence, the foremost expression of celebrating the CPP’s 50th anniversary is to continuously afflict the people’s enemy and prove them wrong from their delusions that they could defeat the historical struggle of the oppressed and exploited people. From here, we should give our highest gratitude to the people, the Red fighters and all revolutionary forces who firmly hold the Party’s guiding light to attain the victory of the people’s war!

The reactionary state has failed to suppress the revolutionary movement in the Party's 50th anniversary!