True value of wages is on a downward track

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The condition of Filipino workers is infuriating. Prices of goods keep on hiking while their wages remain paltry. The average salary of a worker is not even half of what must be the truly living wage. Even worse, the true value of current daily wages decrease because of the increase in inflation.

Meanwhile, the US-Marcos Jr. regime deliberately preserves this situation. This is favorable for the expansion of cheap labor that its ruling classes and capitalist masters pine for. Because of the job crisis and lack of decent employment, although wages are almost mere change, workers are compelled to yield to inhumane working conditions and wages rather than to lose their sources of living completely.

But the Filipino workers have had enough. In Bikol and other parts of the country, the workers’ struggle and refusal to tolerate and accept these slave-like conditions are fast spreading and gaining momentum. They are persevering in advocating their democratic interests in various ways and means. They are organizing their ranks and forge unions and organizations that will champion their demands and clamor.

The widening unity and intensifying struggle of workers for their rights also heighten the political consciousness of the whole nation and fuels their will to fight. NDF-Bikol appeals to Bikolano workers to join and take part in the workers movement and combine their strength with the people’s united force. In their struggle for their interests, they can always be assured that the revolutionary movement is always on their side. As the true Party and organization of all oppressed and exploited, they can be certain that the CPP-NPA-NDF throughout the whole country is with their every step forward.

True value of wages is on a downward track