Undo the Marcos hero's burial fraud

Four years ago today, the tyrant Duterte ordered a hero’s burial for the dictator Marcos.

Today, as one of the major forces that fought to dismantle the Marcos dictatorship, the Party vows to work perseveringly to undo this act of fraud and ignominy and to push until complete justice is achieved.

The Party will support the demand for the dictator’s remains to be exhumed and removed from the Libingan ng mga Bayani and for it to be incinerated.

The Party will continue to work for justice and ensure that all the wealth accumulated illegally by Imelda and the rest of the Marcoses and their cohorts be confiscated and that all guilty of plunder, murder and abuse of power be thrown in jail after a speedy, fair and public trial.

Together with the rest of the Filipino people, the Party will tirelessly fight all efforts of the Marcoses to return to Malacañang and demand their permanent exclusion from all levels of political power.

The Party urges the post-Duterte regime to work to correct this act of historical revisionism and to never again allow the Marcoses to return to power.

Undo the Marcos hero's burial fraud