Kasama-CPDF assembly reaffirms support for people's war

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The Katipunan ng mga Samahang Manggagawa-Cordillera Peoples’ Democratic Front (Kasama-CPDF) Wilfredo “Ka Hoben” Aloba Chapter reported in the last week of September that it successfully held the organization’s second assembly in a secret location in the Cordillera.

Officers and members of the Kasama-CPDF from various communities and semiproletarian sectors attended the gathering. The chapter summed up its experiences in the past three years. According to their report, it sustained a 60% average membership expansion rate. It also established 6 organizing groups in various communities and sectors of the semiproletariat and regularly held the Council of Leaders’ meeting.

To support the New People’s Army, the chapter collected approximately ₱15,000.00 worth of financial, logistical and material support for the Red fighters.

The Assembly elected new members of the executive committee for the next three years. They also approved the organization’s general program for the next few years with the theme: “Lead and mobilize the broad masses of the semiprotletariat to the path of the national democratic revolution! Expand and consolidate the Kasama-CPDF!”

Kasama-CPDF assembly reaffirms support for people's war