Correspondence Rectification movement kicks-off in Agusan and Surigao del Sur

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The New People’s Army (NPA) successfully launched a series of studies and discussions in the provinces of Agusan and Surigao del Sur in the first quarter of 2024. Party committees and members ardently welcomed the Central Committee’s call to launch a rectification movement through ideological activities, the local NPA unit has endeavored and resolutely launched studies and discussions amid the enemy’s sustained operation.

They started with studying the Party’s 55th anniversary statement where three groups graduated from staggered sessions. Members of the section and guerrilla front committees led and attended the first group. Of these, 74% were younger cadres, while 26% were older cadres. The entire study lasted 18 hours and 30 minutes. Comrades used the read-and-discuss and chalk-talk methods of discussion.

The collective discussion of comrades was vivified by sharing experiences in arousing, organizing and mobilizing the masses and in waging the people’s war in the province, while humbly examining and accepting specific weaknesses and shortcomings that resulted in some failures in facing the enemy’s attacks.

Meanwhile, comrades started the second batch consisting of all Party members within the army from candidates and full members (40% and 60%, respectively). Comrades who previously graduated served as instructors. The discussion was made light by creating simple visuals such as a drawing on the world map so that students can more easily visualize the imperialist countries and where they are now launching proxy wars. Comrades were also shown the layout of underdeveloped countries or colonies and semicolonies that promote armed struggle. Although the method was still read-and-discuss, the total duration of the study was slightly shortened. In the third batch, some of the comrades with teaching potential boldly accepted the task of training to serve as instructors for the last batch consisting of Red fighters who were not yet Party members.

Comrades said studying the Party statement helped them a lot. It gave them new strength and boosted their commitment to firm up the decision to fight and continue the armed struggle.

“The Party as a guide became more concrete because it allowed them to better understand the rapidly changing situation,” said Comrade Del, one of the students. It also helped them regain their strength and overcome their negative thoughts. One of them is Ka Maja, a mother who sometimes is overwhelmed by her separation from her children.

It also challenged Che to be stronger and face the struggles of performing comprehensive work. “I felt the need to work twice as hard to advance and be a strong member of the Party,” he said.

The succeeding discussions are part of the study of topics in Padepa (Pambansang Demokra-tikong Paaralan or National Democratic School) to review and understand the specific tasks from the Party committee level, to its entire membership, to the work in the platoon and its affiliates. The studies also prepares for the planned BKP (Basic Party Course).

All in all, the comrades are excited and enthusiastic to face the challenges having achieved the goal of starting the rectification movement, consolidating, identifying every detail of their shortcomings and errors, and overcoming weaknesses with determination to make even more progress in the future.

Rectification movement kicks-off in Agusan and Surigao del Sur