Theoretical conference on the economic crisis of imperialism, held

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The International Theoretical Conference on Economic Crisis of Imperialism was successfully held from March 28 to March 29 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It gathered 98 delegates and representatives from proletarian, anti-imperialist and democratic groups and parties from 18 countries. This is the second conference hosted by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). The first conference on imperialist war was held in October 2023.

The communique issued by the conference said the 2-day gathering discussed the current characteristics and patterns of economic crises under imperialism and amid intensifying inter-imperialist conflict. Discussions centered on 1) capitalist overproduction; 2) financial oligarchies and trade wars; and 3) the planetary crisis caused by imperialist greed and superprofit.

The Communist Party of the Philippines was among the major contributors submitting a document titled “Imperialist Economic Crises Show Moribund System is Ripe for Socialist Revolution.” It discussed the stages that the general crisis capitalism went through under imperialism—from the first to its current fourth stage. It reviewed the history of the formation of such crises leading to the further decay of capitalism and the spread of socialist revolution throughout the world. It illustrates the level of decay of the current fourth stage of the general crisis, marked by worsening oppression and exploitation of the working class and other oppressed classes in the world under neoliberal policies.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) also submitted a contribution. It discussed how the current economic situation is ripe for the resurgence of the proletarian revolutionary struggle.

Discussions focused on 17 submitted articles and speeches by representatives of communist parties, national liberation movements, and political formations from Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Italy, Kurdistan, the Philippines, Turkey, and the US, as well as of anti-imperialist organizations re-presenting wo-men, migrants, agricultural workers, the urban poor, and scientists.

Theoretical conference on the economic crisis of imperialism, held