Strengthen resistance to intensifying military intervention and US imperialist war-mongering

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In the coming weeks and months, the Filipino people are certain to face intensified military intervention by US imperialism and its allies in the Philippines in the fight against China. It is not far-fetched, especially with US President Biden desperate to show off in the run-up to the November elections, that the offensive actions of the US and its allies against China will lead to armed confrontations before the end of the year.

The US is fueling military tensions in what it defined as the first-island-chain of countries and islands to surround China (from the Kuril Islands, Japan, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, the northern and western Philippines and Borneo). The US is further raising the temperature with its scheduled mobilization of 11,000 American troops for the Balikatan 2024 (April 22 to May 10) and the Cope Thunder war games from April 8 to 19.

Earlier, key US military and security officials, including State Sec. Anthony Blinken, arrived one after another, and met with Ferdinand Marcos Jr and the AFP. Meetings were timed when public sentiments were high against China after it carried out another water bombardment against the Coast Guard’s “supply mission” in the Ayungin Shoal. These “supply missions” form part of tactics that the US is directly and covertly instigating to challenge China’s “gray tactics” (aggressive unarmed actions) and push it to use direct armed action.

The Filipino people are outraged by China’s aggressive actions against Filipino vessels and fishermen. But instead of promoting different forms of peaceful resolution, the US is taking advantage of the situation to intervene and increase its military presence in the country. The US is also using the situation to justify armed action under the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT), in order to fuel and ignite a war in the Asia-Pacific region in the not-so-distant future. Incited by the US, Marcos recently declared that with his “partner, friend and ally,” the Philippines will “decisively respond” to China’s attacks.

US plans to incite a war is also indicated by the AFP’s new “deadline” for crushing all guerrilla fronts by March 31, dismantling all fighting units of the NPA by the end of June, and all regional committees of the CPP and NPA commands before the end of the year. The declaration made several times by Marcos that he wants to see the AFP committed to “external defense” is in line with the US’s desire to fully utilize the AFP for preparing and inciting a war against China. For this, Marcos is ready to squander billions of people’s funds to buy the outdated weapons being sold to the AFP by the US and its allies.

In the face of the looming threat of intensified US military intervention, a broad anti-imperialist movement must be developed in the coming weeks and months. The campaign and struggle against US military intervention must be carried out not only during the Balikatan, but throughout the year.

A plan for a massive education campaign in the countryside and cities must immediately be put together. Hold gatherings and widespread studies. Fully expose US war provocations and manipulation of Filipino sentiments against China, and its real aim of stationing troops and weapons in the country, and selling more weapons to the Philippines and neighboring countries. As in its proxy war in Ukraine, and its genocide in Palestine in partnership with the Zionist regime in Israel, American weapon companies stand to earn big profits if a regional war breaks out in the Asia-Pacific.

Mobilize the entire nation to defend Philippine security in the face of US war provocations against China. Don’t allow a repeat of the destruction and pain suffered by the country when the US and Japanese imperialists clashed here during World War II. Unite all democratic forces to resist US military intervention and call for the dismantling of its bases and facilities on Philippine land and waters. At the same time, demand that China leave Philippine sovereign territories and stop obstructing Filipino fishermen from fishing in our own waters. Call on both China and the US to withdraw from and demilitarize the West Philippine Sea, while placing greater emphasis on exposing and condemning the US for its larger and more aggressive presence in Philippine waters and lands, and its direct war provocations.

Highlight the crimes committed by the US in the Philippines over the course of more than a century of domination and plunder. Expose human rights violations, bombings and other abuses in the intensified campaign of rural repression carried out by the US-funded, trained and armed AFP.

Link these to the widespread bombings carried out by US-Israel in Gaza, as well as in India. Strengthen the unity of the Filipino and Palestinian people and all oppressed peoples who are victims of US imperialism.

Strengthen further the network and alliances against US imperialist wars in different parts of the world. Amplify the call for the American people to unite with the Filipino people’s struggle and oppose the Biden government for providing military aid and weapons to the Marcos puppet regime and abusive AFP.

Increasing numbers of people must be aroused, organized and mobilized against Balikatan, worsening US intervention, and war provocations. Aligned with the people’s fight against “chacha” and the urgency of the people’s demand for increased wages, well-being and rights, this struggle will further strengthen and galvanize the national-democratic mass movement.

The NPA is determined to strengthen itself and launch more and more tactical offensives, which are a crucial factor in hindering the US scheme of igniting an inter-imperialist war. Strengthen the NPA’s recruitment and gather the broad support of the patriotic movement for the revolutionary armed struggle.

Strengthen resistance to intensifying military intervention and US imperialist war-mongering