Marcos, an American lapdog

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During two years in power, Marcos traveled to the US four times to meet with his master. During two of these trips, he formally signed military agreements in which he surrendered the sovereignty and security of the Philippines in exchange for US military and political support. His master was very pleased with what the US called a “hyperactive” relationship between the two countries in the past year.

In April 2023, Marcos signed the “bilateral defense guidelines” prepared by the US as a new framework for military relations between the two countries. He opened four locations for the US to build military bases using the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and possibly eight others “unofficial” locations. The bilateral guidelines include dumping of old US military equipment and vehicles in the Philippines in the name of “modernizing” the AFP, speeding up the construction of official and unofficial EDCA sites on the pretext of renovating its military camps, and more frequent and bigger war games in the guise of training Filipino soldiers.

Marcos repeatedly talks of pivoting the AFP to strengthening the country’s ability to deal with “external threats.” This was reinforced by the AFP’s Archipelagic Island Defense Concept, framed within the US’ first-island chain strategy to encircle China.

From March 2023, Marcos and the AFP began sending construction materials to the grounded ship BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal. This runs contrary to the more than 20-year deal with China in which the Philippines promised not to repair the grounded vessel and that only water and food would be brought in the “supply missions” going there. Instead of renegotiating, Marcos swept aside the deal to provoke China to make a move that would spark a war, in accordance with US orders.

During Marcos’ trip to the US in April, he attended the Trilateral Summit convened by the US and Japan to further irate China and open the country to returning Japanese troops. This year, he opened the Philippines to US troops and its NATO allies in the annual Balikatan and other war games, joint patrols and multilateral naval operations and flights of warplanes and drones in the SCS. He allowed the US to stockpile midrange missiles inviting China and Russia concern, and further raising the risk of the country being dragged into a US-instigated war.

Marcos, an American lapdog