Revolutionary movement pays tribute to Pantabangan and Tuy martyrs

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The revolutionary movement recognized and paid tribute to the martyred Red fighters of the New People’s Army (NPA) in the clashes that took place in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija and in Tuy, Batangas.

Ten NPA-Central Luzon Red fighters and commanders fell in the defensive battle against the 84th IB in Barangay Malibang, Pantabangan on June 26.

The martyrs were identified as Hilario Guiuo (Ka Berting/Tonyo), Harold Menosa (Ka Luzon), Marian Castro (Ka Lunti), Archie Arceta (Ka Soral/Teo), Asaze Galang (Ka Shyla/Cha), Pepito Bautista ( Ka Dylan), Noel Bedonia (Ka Eric/Tagupay), Noel Bedonia Jr (Ka Angel), Reynan Mendoza (Ka Mel), and Angelika Villalon (Ka Molly). They came from different generations and social classes, from the ranks of farmers, laborers, drivers, churchgoers, and the student-youth.

In Batangas, the revolutionary movement paid tribute to the highest sacrifice by Gladys Cassandra Mendoza (Ka George/Gabriela Saka), Jethro Royce Magtira (Ka Alex) and Jian Markus Tayco (Ka Reb) in the battle in Barangay Bolbok, Tuy on June 23.

In both battles, the martyrs courageously faced the fascist enemy and held their weapons with full determination until their last breath.

Human rights groups condemned the soldiers for desecrating the fighters’ remains. In utter disrespect, the military circulated photos showing the bodies on social media. The military also intimidated relatives, friends and human rights groups who handled the retrieval of the bodies of those killed.

Revolutionary movement pays tribute to Pantabangan and Tuy martyrs