US and Israel expand war in the Middle East

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An all-out war between Zionist Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah group looms following Israel’s intensified attacks on southern Lebanon in the past month. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said preparations for a “severe operation” against Hezbollah are underway. Following this declaration, his defense minister, Yoav Gallant, threatened that it “has the capability to take Lebanon back to the stone age,” like the unprecedented devastation it brought to the Gaza Strip.

The Hezbollah leader responded by saying that Lebanon is ready to defend itself in the event of an attack by the Zionist state. Hezbollah is an armed organization of the Lebanese people fighting US imperialism and Israeli Zionism. It is based mainly in southern Lebanon, where it is the ruling party. Lebanon is a country to the north of the territory claimed by Israel.

Israel targets Hezbollah which launched strikes in northern Israel as part of defending the Palestinians under attack by the Zionist state in the Gaza Strip. Hezbollah began its strikes on October 8, 2023, one day after Israel launched its attack on Gaza.

In recent months, Israel intensified its attacks on Hezbollah. It killed two military officers and group commanders on June 11 (Taleb Sami Abdullah) and July 3 (Muhammad Nimah Nasser) in air strikes. In retaliation, Hezbollah fired hundreds of rockets at the Israeli military. The group also used drone bombs. The group also promised that it would “increase the intensity, strength, quantity and quality of attacks.”

Lebanon has opposed the Israel state since the Zionists seized Palestinian land. When the Israel state was established in 1948, Lebanon was among seven Middle East countries that launched a war against Zionism and its US support. Hezbollah led an 18-year armed resistance (1982-2000) to the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon. Israel attacked Hezbollah again in July-August 2006. Hezbollah defended valiantly in this 34-day war and forced Israel to retreat.

Amid the threat of war breaking out, the United Nations humanitarian representative warned that it could be “apocalyptic.” Israel’s war in Lebanon will drag Middle East countries.

The imperialist US and its officials, even its allied countries in Europe, are now pretending to calm the widening conflict in the Middle East. But in reality, the US and its allies are relentlessly supporting and supplying weapons to Israel’s war of occupation and genocide in Gaza and its armed attacks against other countries in the region.

For the Palestinians

Hezbollah and the its leaders clearly declared they will stop attacks only if Israel implements a ceasefire in Gaza. This is also the goal of Yemen’s Houthi group that is launching strikes against Israeli or Israel-bound ships passing through the Red Sea. It has attacked a total of 162 ships since Israel attacked Gaza.

Amid all these, Israeli airstrikes, bombings and attacks throughout Gaza are relentless. It no longer respects even its self-declared “safe zones.”

On July 1 alone, Israel forcibly evicted up to 250,000 Palestinians from Khan Younis, an area adjacent to Rafah, in southern Gaza. On July 3, an Israeli airstrike killed nine Palestinians in homes near the European Hospital in Khan Younis.

Those in Khan Younis are Palestinians driven out of Israel’s bombardment of neighboring Rafah, a designated “safe zone.” They are again being evacuated to “humanitarian zones” such as al-Masawi which Israel attacked only last June 21, killing 25, and forcing thousands to flee to Khan Younis.

As of July 3, records show Israel has killed 37,953 in Gaza and wounded 87,266 since October 7, 2024. In the West Bank, 561 were victims of killing and 5,300 were wounded. Israel currently detains 9,300 Palestinians of whom 3,450 have no charges.

US and Israel expand war in the Middle East