2 summary executions by the AFP in Abra


In recent weeks the AFP reported that its troops were involved in two ‘encounters’ with the NPA. First was an alleged encounter that occurred at the boundary of Sitio Lamunan, Baay-Licuan and Barangay Ableg, Daguioman on October 3. An NPA from Mindanao was reported as casualty. Second, on October 13-14 media reported that the AFP was involved in another ‘encounter’ in Sitio Talipugo, Barangay Buneg, Lacub where there was again one reported casualty.

The AFP is the US-Marcos Jr.’s blood-thirsty guard dog. These summary executions of civilians are being dubbed by the AFP as ‘encounters’. The executions occurred as part of the operations of 3 battalions (the 24th, 102nd and 77th) which continue to occupy the municipalities of Lacub, Malibcong, Tineg, Licuan-Baay, Bucay, Sallapadan and Daguioman.

No unit of the NPA was involved in these alleged ‘encounters’. What cannot be denied is that the AFP is responsible for the deaths of the two civilians. They themselves produced the body which they claim to be an NPA from Mindanao. In the second incident the casualty is an elderly farmer, Lakay (Old Man) Agliwan, whom the AFP tortured and then murdered.

The guard dog AFP is desperate to prove that it is faithfully executing its master’s command.

2 summary executions by the AFP in Abra