94th IB continues to wreak havoc in Himamaylan City

The Armed Forces of the Phililpines (AFP) is not yet done committing gross human rights violations and military operations in civilian communities in Himamaylan City. For the past weeks, series of attacks against civilians have been reported.

October 27—More than 20 elements of the 94th IB ransacked the house of Sandro and Racel Salcedo at around 4 in the morning, Both are residents of Sitio Ulo-Tuburan, Brgy. Buenavista, Himamaylan City. The hoodlums forcibly entered and illegally searched Salcedo’s, traumatizing the 5-year-old child of the couple. The family was also threatened that something bad will happen if they report the incident.

As of the moment, the said unit is still in the area, inciting widespread fear in the community.

October 25—Welson Aniano, 40, resident of the same sitio, was illegally detained and investigated by a unit of the 94th IB. He suffered physical and psychological torture at the hands of the barbaric troops, leaving scratches on his face.

The AFP also conducted house-to-house in the area while posing as NPAs, perpetrating harassment and intimidation in the community.

October 20—Units of 94th IB ransacked houses and harassed numerous residents of Sitio Lanap and Sitio Asaran, Barangay Buenavista, Himamaylan City in an attempt to suppress their resistance against the forced evacuation. The AFP has threatened residents that something bad will happen to them (such as bombing of the area) of ‘they do not evacuate.

Also, residents of Sitio Pisok were coerced to abandon their homes and livelihood. The residents were also threatened to be arrested if they do not comply.

Some of the displaced residents of the said sitios are forced to temporarily stay at Sitio Cantupa and Sitio Tigbao of the same barangay. The affected residents of these three (3) sitios account to almost 50 households. As of October 25, residents have not yet returned to their homes.

These strings of military operations brazenly disregarding human rights are part of the AFP’s attempt to hamlet the entire barangay, in the purpose of restricting the movement of the masses. The primary objective of the mercenary troops is to isolate the NPA from the people.

Martial law-like measures are not only happening in the city, but also in a more brutal manner in the countryside. The counterrevolutionary war incessantly launched by the Marcos Jr-Duterte regime using its mercenary state forces – the AFP, PNP, and NTF- ELCAC – against the masses inevitably generate mass resistance up to the extent of taking up arms for genuine land reform, national industrialization, social justice and national democracy.

94th IB continues to wreak havoc in Himamaylan City