AFP/PNP, mercenary killers of civilians!


Translation: Bisaya

NDFP- NEMR strongly condemns the killing of two civilians in Surigao del Norte, one in Surigao del Sur and another in Agusan del sur.

According to reports, last November 25, Ignacio Arevalo was shot and killed inside his home in Purok 13, Brgy. Mat-i , Surigao City. Arevalo, was a purok chairman and a leader of NAGAMI, an association of small scale miners.

29th IBPA and PNP troops forcibly entered the house of Arevalo in the middle of the night, handcuffed and dragged him to the kitchen area where he was shot. It was only around 3 o’clock dawn, that the SOCO unit of the PNP-Surigao City arrived along with the media and a councilor of Brgy. Mat-i. News immediately went out that a member of the NPA was killed in his house because he fought back using his .45 caliber handgun.

The SOCO said that they were late in arriving because they were ambushed by the NPA. This is a big lie because there were no NPA forces in that sitio during that time.

Ignacio’s wife and children’s statement about the killing were also different. According to them, Ignacio could not have fought back because he was handcuffed by the military and police. Meanwhile, they were taken to another room and covered with a sleeping mat by the military and police. It was during this time that the .45 caliber handgun, bullets and other military supplies were planted in their room.

Last November 26 Josefino ‘Lalo’ Calang was also killed by the mercenary killers of the PNP Caraga in the town of Sison, Surigao del Norte. Members PNP-Sison entered his house, shot and killed Lalo who was alone. The chief of PNP-Sison said that Lalo fought back using his .38 handgun when they were about to arrest him, while they were serving the warrant of arrest as he was a member of the Milisyang Bayan of the NPA. The truth is that Lalo was a only small businessman. But the assets of the PNP and 901st BDE under the executioner Banzon, knew that Lalo’s son was a member of the NPA in Surigao del Norte.

Another civilian in Tandag City, Surigao del Sur and another farmer in Agusan del Sur were also killed in the later part of November. Details are being gathered on the incidents.

The list of defenseless civilians killed committed especially by the 901st Bde under Banzon and PNP-Caraga is getting longer. They commit these without hesitation under the executioner president Duterte. But Duterte’s term will end. The army and police officials will continue their service until retirement. Time will come when you will have no criminal and executioner Duterte to lean on. Time will come when you will be appropriately punished for killing civilians like what happened to Palparan. Time will come when revolutionary justice will be meted against you. You will have to answer for your crimes against the people and be justly punished.

Stop killing ordinary civilians!
Make mercenary AFP and PNP answer for their crimes against the people!

AFP/PNP, mercenary killers of civilians!