Another year, new challenges, new opportunities for greater advances!

This article is available in Pilipino

As the new year unfolds, NDF-Bikol conveys towards the entire revolutionary movement and the Filipino people the need for even greater determination and conviction in facing new challenges and to grab all new opportunities for greater advances. In more than five decades, the Filipino nation has upheld the correctness of their just war and has valiantly frustrated all attempts by the reactionary forces to reduce it to ashes.

Practice has proven how the people’s class unity overcome and weather all storms and hurdles. This rich experience in struggle fuels the revolutionary movement in their perseverance to wage and further the people’s democratic revolution. With these favorable conditions, the entire revolutionary movement in Bikol must welcome 2023 with a potent will to uphold, continue and advance the victories it gained in the past years.

They must be ready to fight the ever more rapacious neoliberal attacks instigated by the imperialist US. With the intensity of the present crisis it needs to resolve, it will certainly escalate various forms of oppression and exploitation most especially within its semicolonies such as the Philippines. Through its principal puppet Marcos Jr., an even greater number of destructive policies and laws will be surely railroaded and will cause the masses greater suffering.

Along with this, the state’s fascist terrorism will surely intensify. The revolutionary ranks must prepare against dirtier, more brutal and desperate maneuvers by the state and its armed forces against the heightening revolutionary struggle of the people for their democratic rights. They must constantly pursue the development of their capacity to defend their own ranks and to make the enemies of the people bleed from a thousand cuts.

Above all, in every day of this new year and all the other coming years, every one must be committed to advance no matter the obstacle in the name of the nation’s interests and a promise of a Red future for the Filipino society. In striving to lead and fulfill their revolutionary duties, they must always know for whom these all are. The only correct answer: for the people.

Another year, new challenges, new opportunities for greater advances!