Condemn killing of 3-year old in drug war

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today expressed strongest condemnation for the Philippine National Police over the death of 3-year old Myka Ulpina who was shot by police operatives last June 29 in “anti-drug” operations in Rodriguez, Rizal.

“The Party and all revolutionary forces expresses sympathy with Myka’s mother and family and supports their demand for justice,” said the CPP. Ulpina’s mother disputed claims of police that the toddler was used as human shield by her father, Renato.

“Myka joins the long list of victims of Duterte’s fascist drug war which targets the poor and oppressed whom Duterte has expressed complete contempt for,” added the CPP.

“The Party enjoins the thousands upon thousands of mothers, relatives and friends of victims of Duterte’s drug war to stand up, end their silence and unite in demanding justice.”

The CPP said “the Duterte regime must be made to account for its so-called ‘drug war’ which the police continues to wage relentlessly despite being proven a big failure in its declared objective of eradicating drug trafficking.”

“It has become very apparent that so-called drug operations by the PNP are actually liquidation operations mounted by criminal syndicates against their rivals,” pointed out the CPP. “The people have long grown tired of the police ‘nanlaban’ justification for the killings which they repeatedly invoke even if it makes them appear grossly incompetent in mounting their operations.”

The CPP said Duterte’s drug war is, in fact, a war among drug syndicates of which Duterte is the biggest of all protectors. “In connivance with Chinese drug syndicates, Duterte and his criminal cohorts in the military and police have facilitated the entry into the country of tons of shabu by deploying his trusted military officers in the Bureau of Customs as well as in the airports.”

The CPP said the criminal perpetrators behind the death of Myka, as well as thousand others summarily executed must be meted out punishment. The Party urges these police operatives to end their criminal operations against the people and make amends lest they become among the targets of NPA partisan units.

Condemn killing of 3-year old in drug war