Continue the legacy of Ka Juanito Magbanua! Take up arms, serve the revolution!

The Red fighters and Party cadres of the Rachelle Mae Palang Command – New People’s Army (RMPC-NPA) along with the revolutionary masses in Southeast Negros give the firmest red salute to Ka Juanito Magbanua (Romeo Nanta), erstwhile spokesperson of the Apolinario Gatmaitan Command – New People’s Army Negros Island. He was a valiant Red commander and Party cadre who. dedicated his life for the masses, and, for several years, was the voice of the oppressed Negrosanons against imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism.

At the same time, the RMPC-NPA condemns in the strongest terms the barbaric and dastardly act of the 94th IB of the AFP. It merely shows that despite their hubris in utilizing advanced equipment acquired through sheer military overspending, these uniformed hoodlums can only ever afford to strike at defenseless and ailing revolutionaries. The murder of Ka Juanito Magbanua and countless other revolutionaries is proof of it.

The mercenary state forces presented Ka Juanito’s death as a trophy, and as a supposed ‘hard blow’ against the revolutionary movement in the island. This is but a mistake repeated over and over again. The state may have removed a few voices, but these same voices have long reverberated all over the island and the entire Philippines.

Juanito’s voice that spoke the truth will not be silenced, but rather, will resonate a million times over like the million threads that bind the NPA with the masses.

As the calls for justice for Ka Juanito and all other revolutionary martyrs echo among the downtrodden, the US-Marcos II regime will only find itself isolated even more from the people. With its trademark of massive disinformation and wanton brutality, the senseless killings of innocent civilians or defenseless revolutionaries by the state smear its already besmirched reputation.

Furthermore, the worsening semi-colonial and semi-feudal crisis is constantly aggravated by Marcos Jr’s extravagant exploits. Incognizant of the people’s plight amid an economic and humanitarian crisis, his hedonistic trips expose him as nothing but a poor and worse copy of his dictator father.

Alongside the tears and collective resentment of the people against a state only capable of killing them comes the challenge of waging resistance to the whims of the big landlords and compradors with their bureaucrat counterparts. The demand for justice for all victims of the counterrevolutionary war of the state can only be fully materialized if we arouse, organize, and mobilize the broad masses of farmers, workers, indigenous peoples, intellectuals & professionals, women and the LGBT community, and all other marginalized sectors. Only through the advancement of the national democratic revolution can justice be truly served.

The most resounding expression of justice comes from the barrel of a gun. To genuinely resonate the voice of Ka Juanito Magbanua, the people should take the great leap towards wholeheartedly serving the revolution. The RMPC-NPA calls on the exploited Negrosanons, especially the youth, to take up arms and join the people’s army to advance the people’s war.

Long live Ka Juanito Magbanua!
Long live the CPP-NPA-NDF!
Long live the masses!
Serve the people, serve the revolution until victory!

Continue the legacy of Ka Juanito Magbanua! Take up arms, serve the revolution!