Devolution of DSWD Reg. V programs, threatens Bikolano employees’ job security

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NDF-Bikol joins DSWD employees in their fight against devolution and its consequent threat on their employment. This 2023, two DSWD programs in Bikol region are set to be devolutionized. This is the first part of the planned devolution of DSWD Reg. V programs to be completed next year. This move will dissolve jobs for over 700 employees of said agency. Included among the programs to be delegated to the local government units’ authority are the feeding programs, programs for persons with disabilities, the elderly, street children, abused individuals and the KALAHI-CIDSS.

At a time when the nation is in the middle of a job crisis, losing their jobs will be very injurious for the 700 Bikolano employees whose jobs will be terminated. They have no guarantee that they will find new jobs or sources of living instantly. This is how far removed this inept state’s policies are from the masses’ interests and welfare. Instead of devising ways to raise the people’s quality of life, to attain living wages and job security, it haphazardly imposes plans detrimental to the masses’ livelihoods.

It is also highly probable that this planned devolution will be taken advantage by the Marcos Jr. regime to further its fascist machinations. Through the whole of nation approach (WONA), all government branches are forced to participate in the counterinsurgency campaign. Since there will be an influx of programs that the LGU will directly handle, there will be more avenues that can be used to pressure, deceive and attack the masses in accordance to WONA.

This seemingly innocuous delegation of increased authority to the LGUs will also be used by the regime to ensure these units’ support for its goal of changing the Constitution. As in the current situation, the government will allow local powerful politicians’ to feast within their kingdoms so that it will be sure of their continued patronage for its overall design of corruption and avarice on a much larger scale.

It is pressing for the people to oppose these ploys that will put the Filipino masses’ lives and livelihoods in peril. It is just for Bikolanos and the rest of the nation to defend their rights and democratic interests.

Devolution of DSWD Reg. V programs, threatens Bikolano employees’ job security