Disarm and withdraw AFP soldiers behind shooting of 10-year old

We condemn the indiscriminate firing by AFP soldiers last Friday against a family harvesting corn in their field in Barangay Indalaza, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.

A 10-year old girl was wounded from the strafing. Soldiers fired their weapons from 100 meters away. They endangered the lives of at least 11 people including an infant being held by her mother.

The soldiers proceeded to threaten anyone on sight as they strafed other nearby huts and houses for about an hour and shelled the area with artillery. They then went to the barangay center where they harassed residents. The soldiers mauled a resident identified as Tet Limbos and challenged a local religious leader to a fistfight.

Soldiers belonging to this AFP unit must be immediately disarmed, removed from their post and charged for their criminal acts.

We urge human rights and humanitarian agencies and organizations to immediately carry out an independent investigation into the incident. We call on the local residents to stand firm and demand justice and retribution.

This incident exposes the lies behind the AFP’s propaganda that it is winning the war against the NPA. They will never win the hearts of the masses with their incessant abuse of power.

The Party calls on NPA units in the area to take the necessary measure to protect the people and provide them with available medical and psychological services. Above all, they must carry out their duty as armed defenders of the people, heed their cry for justice, and ensure that the AFP monsters behind this crime are punished.

Disarm and withdraw AFP soldiers behind shooting of 10-year old