Duterte is obsessed with prolonging the civil war

The CPP’s Central Committee has yet to issue a decision on whether it will declare a ceasefire or not for the holiday seasons. The decision will likely come a week before the holidays.

Duterte’s declaration that there will be no more ceasefires with the revolutionary movement comes as no surprise. His government’s policies have always been shaped by military generals who are obsessed with prolonging the civil war. They are addicted to war because of the profits they pocket from it.

The doors to peace talks under Duterte have been shut the past three years. Fulfilling a promise to Trump, Duterte issued Proclamation 374 on December 5, 2017 where he declared the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People’s Army (NPA) as “terrorist organizations.”

Duterte has time and again proved himself opposed to any effort to end the civil war in the country through peace negotiations. He and his generals, however, are fooling only themselves, when they declare they can crush the revolutionary armed struggle before their term ends.

They are only interested in profiting from the war while they are in power. They have no interest in the long-term future of the country. Surely, the NPA will outlive Duterte long after he is gone and remembered as the most hated and the most useless president ever of the Philippines.

Duterte’s anti-peace declaration last night further justifies the demand of broad sectors in the Philippines for an end to his reign of terror through his resignation or ouster. It also reaffirms their aspiration to establish a more progressive and democratic government that will heed the people’s clamor for social justice and national freedom as a way of addressing the roots of the people’s armed resistance.

Duterte is obsessed with prolonging the civil war