Duterte's state terrorist attacks make traditional holiday ceasefire impossible

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and all revolutionary forces extends its solidarity with the Filipino people as they mark their traditional year-end holidays as well as the upcoming 52nd anniversary of the CPP on December 26.

The Duterte regime’s relentless state terrorist attacks and horrific anticommunist onslaught against the people, however, make impossible a joyful holiday celebration this year. For the broad masses of the Filipino people, these holidays are utterly bleak as they suffer from the severe economic crisis brought about by the regime’s corruption and willful neglect of the people’s welfare amid the Covid-19 pandemic and calamities. Duterte and his generals, on the other hand, are merrily going about their fascist ways, pocketing billions of pesos from bloated funds for counterinsurgency and his sham drug war, as well as kickbacks from foreign-funded infrastructure projects of his oligarchs and cronies.

Duterte has ignored appeals for a ceasefire to give the people even a temporary respite from the oppressive and disruptive presence of fascist troops in their communities, from the night-time barging in of armed soldiers into their homes, from the intimidation and threats to force the masses to “surrender,” from the massacres, killings, abductions, arrests and torture, the bombings and the portending fly overs of drones.

Instead, Duterte and his generals have ordered their troops to continue intensifying their armed operations and bombing runs even in areas that are overburdened by sufferings due to the recent calamities and government neglect, as well as to the continuing restrictions and clampdown imposed on the pretext of pandemic response.

In the face of the vicious attacks by Duterte’s military and police forces both in the cities and countryside, the CPP Central Committee is forced to dispense with the traditional holiday ceasefire this year. In the past, the AFP has always treacherously taken advantage of NPA ceasefire declarations to mount offensives against units doing health campaigns and other public service. The fascists have always displayed heavy-handed disregard of people’s holidays and disrespect for their customs and traditions.

Units of the NPA are hereby ordered to actively defend the masses and themselves against the attacks of the AFP and frustrate the enemy’s armed offensives and plans to terrorize the masses during these holidays. They can carry out tactical offensives especially against attacking troops of the enemy, particularly those who have perpetrated massacres and extrajudicial killings and who are notorious for grave abuses and violations of human rights.

At the same time, the CPP Central Committee urges all Party committees, NPA units and mass organizations to carry out secret meetings and assemblies to mark the upcoming 52nd anniversary of the Party wherever and whenever possible. Take this opportunity to pay tribute to the Filipino people’s martyrs and heroes, humbly celebrate the achievements and victories in the past year and strengthen the determination of the people to resist and end the Duterte regime’s brutal reign of terror.

Duterte's state terrorist attacks make traditional holiday ceasefire impossible