Duterte's victims unite for justice and to frustrate fascist dictatorship

All victims of Duterte’s political persecution, armed oppression and bloody campaign of mass murder are bound to unite in their common desire for justice and to resist and frustrate his plans to prop himself up as a fascist dictator.

They can come together in mass demonstrations on September 21 to mark the 45th year of the declaration of martial law, recall the fascist crimes of the US-Marcos dictatorship and hold Duterte accountable for the crimes perpetrated in the three wars of his fascist regime.

They must collectively reject Duterte’s threats to use the police and military to break-up demonstrations on the pretext of “rebels taking to the streets.” They must denounce Duterte’s declared plan to impose martial law and his tactics to divide and intimidate the swelling ranks of the people clamoring for his ouster.

In the course of the next few weeks and months, more and more local assemblies, indoor rallies and street demonstrations can be mounted to reach out and mobilize the biggest number of people in their communities and towns.

Barangay centers, auditoriums, ampitheaters and coliseums can serve as venues to try Duterte for his crimes, hear the grievances of his victims and galvanize them to action.

They must raise their unity against Duterte’s bureaucrat capitalist rule, puppetry to US imperialism especially military intervention in Marawi and elsewhere, imposition of new taxes, surrender of territory to China in exchange for onerous and burdernsome loans, demolition of homes, land grabbing for plantations and infrastructure projects and other anti-people policies and programs.

No amount of Duterte bravado, political and legal maneuvers and relentless propaganda will stop the groundswell of protest actions demanding an end to his regime of death and destruction.

In just over a year, the Duterte regime has mounted three wars and has victimized nearly a million people. It has carried out a campaign of mass murder and aerial bombings in the course of its anti-drug war hoax, its nearly genocidal war to destroy Marawi and suppress Moro resistance and its Mindanao martial law and nationwide all-out war.

Duterte's victims unite for justice and to frustrate fascist dictatorship