Highest salute for Ka Kyla!

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In the midst of our sorrow for the passing of Kerima Tariman or Ka Kyla to the massess she lived with and served for in the Bicol region, PKM-Bikol accords the highest recognition to her significant contribution to strengthen the peasant movement in the region, particularly in the province of Camarines Sur.

We take pride in the fact that Ka Kyla had been part of our struggle. She unconditionally imparted her skills and talents to rouse the farmers in East Camarines Sur, where she stayed for almost three years. She had patiently taught them Pambansang Demokratikong Paaralan (PADEPA) courses, Party education and social issues. At the same time, she had been a student of the peasantry in the university of life and struggle. She humbly enjoined in the sacrifices and suffering experienced by poor peasants and for the advancement of this just war.

She neither displayed weakness nor weariness in travelling great distances to reach the masses she faithfully served. She was always prepared in attending the meetings of the Party branches and mass organizations. She was ever ready to educate them with or without the aid of technology. In determining and studying how to carry out the programs of the Party in the guerilla fronts, particularly in the implementation of the agrarian revolution, Ka Kyla had documented her observations, queries, criticisms and suggestions regarding its implementation.

She displayed courage and great determination in facing the enemy. She had not wavered. After each defensive that she had encountered, she naturally returned to her daily work and accepted the fact that this was all part of the life of a Red fighter and Party member. It had been clear to her that the intense aggression of the enemy proves the fundamental difference between the class determination of the NPA against the mercenary army serving the interest of the ruling class.

She endured the great sacrifice she had to bear being away from her family and son. She had shown that what she was fighting for was not only for her only son but for the many other sons and daughters of the oppressed peasants. She wanted to contribute for a bright and better tomorrow. She was a mother and comrade to the thousands of youth who had become part of her life and struggle.

Despite the fact that she was transferred to another area, every Red fighter and commander she had a chance to work with promises to uphold and advance the revolution in the communities she once worked in, all that she taught and experienced with them which endeared her to the masses. As she leaves us, we offer our gratitude to the significant contribution she left us to achieve the further advancement of the revolution in the province. You will forever live in our hearts, Ka Kyla.

Highest salute for Ka Kyla!