Hopes rest on resistance, gear for greater struggles in 2022

Even worse economic crisis, raging pandemic and political repression are the grim prospects for the Filipino people in the coming year 2022. This is a result of anti-people and pro-imperialist policies and state terrorism of the US-Duterte tyrannical regime.

The only hope for the Filipino people rests on heightening their resistance against the ruling tyranny and advancing their patriotic and democratic cause. Only by waging mass struggles and all other forms of resistance can they be assured of a better situation in the coming year and in the future.

This year, the Filipino people are expected to stand firm in their fight against the perpetuation of the Duterte political dynasty and the full restoration of the Marcoses in the apex of reactionary power. Even as broad coalition of political forces are set to oppose the Dutertes and Marcoses in the electoral arena, the Filipino people must be ready to exercise their democratic power in the streets to frustrate Duterte’s plans to rig and steal the elections.

In the face of widespread unemployment, rising prices, prospects of more onerous taxes, and overall worsening conditions, the oppressed and exploited classes and sectors must intensify their mass struggles to demand wage increases, land, jobs, expansion of public health, education and other essential services and other urgent demands.

The declared plan of the military and police to “crush” the NPA and the people’s armed resistance before May 2022 will fail utterly. The armed revolution being waged by the New People’s Army will continue to expand and strengthen with the ever deepening and broadening support of the peasant masses and Filipino people.

As we move to 2022, the Party calls on the Filipino people to raise their determination to fight and heighten their vigilance against Duterte’s worsening state terrorism and attacks against the people.

The Party is determined to strengthen itself in order to more effectively lead the people’s democratic struggles and carry forward the people’s democratic revolution to unprecedented heights in the coming period.

Hopes rest on resistance, gear for greater struggles in 2022