Initial clarification on the death of Ka Oris

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The supposed encounter that caused the death of Ka Oris/Jorge R. Madlos and his medical aid peddled by 4ID PA commanding officer Brig. Gen. Romeo Brawner is made up or “trumped up.” It is true that AFP forces killed (Ka Oris) last October 29, 2021 in the town of Impasug-ong, Bukidnon and is holding his dead body.

Last October 29, 2021 at around 8:00 in the evening, Ka Oris and his female medic were onboard a motorcycle from the poblacion of the town of Impasug-ong, Bukidnon going towards the national highway where it is believed, they were ambushed and killed. They never reached the national highway.

According to reports, there was no gunfight, there was no airstrike in the mountainous area of Impasug-ong, and most especially, there was no gunfight in the provincial highway during that time.

However, in the morning of October 31, 2021 Brawner announced in the radio/media that they retrieved the dead body of Ka Oris after a big encounter or firefight which was supported by airstrikes from the airforces. Brawner is obviously ashamed to say that they (military) just waited by the provincial highway and attacked Ka Oris and his companion female medic who were onboard a single motorcycle. There was no exchange of gunfire because Ka Oris was unarmed when he left the area for his regular medical check-up and treatment.

We challenge Brig. Gen. Brawner to reveal to the media and the public what really happened, to not be a big liar, for only then can he truly take pride in his achievement of killing Ka Oris. It is true that there are different arts in war to achieve objectives or projects for the retrieval of a dead body, especially in the project of the executioner US Duterte/AFP/PNP/NTF-ELCAC to get Ka Oris and other revolutionary cadres. It is part of the methods of the counter-revolutionary US Duterte/AFP/PNP to lie in order to show that they are better in combat or battles. While it is true that they did better in their intelligence work in relation to Ka Oris’s travel, he was in a situation where he was unable to fight back, still, they killed him and this should not have been done by the AFP/PNP while claimingto follow the “rules of engagement” or rules of war being regular forces of an existing government.

To all media people and many others who knew Ka Oris, this is but an initial report about the circumstances of his death.

We hope that the Duterte government/AFP/PNP will not prevent the wake of Ka Oris so that for the last time, he can be visited by all those who know him.

Initial clarification on the death of Ka Oris