Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte alliance lays the basis for escalation of violence, no election and martial law scenarios

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There are two things that the Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte (MAD) faction attempts to hit in peddling the supposed death threats against the dictator’s son and presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos. Firstly, this gives reason to intensify attacks against progressive groups and partylists, MAD critics and those who are from the opposition. The public knows that critics of the US-Duterte regime have long been targeted, threatened, red-tagged, imprisoned and even killed. With the alleged threat against BBM, members of a progressive organization have already been implicated signaling the escalation of attacks against their ranks.

Secondly, to condition the people that the upcoming elections will be lawless and thus they myust not be indignant if Duterte decides to implement any of his planned scenarios such as no elections or martial law.

The MAD alliance is aware of the Filipino people’s ire against dictatorship and all its agents in the country. Even factoring imperialist intervention or the utilization of all its cohorts in COMELEC, companies holding the contract for electronic balloting to the use of military and police, they cannot escape the fact that insisting on the much-hated Marcos-Duterte tandem will bring about intense political mayhem that will affect their interests. They are relentless in grasping at straws and maneuvers to stay in power and temper down the increasingly powerful people struggle against dictatorship and all its ruling representatives.

NDF-Bikol calls on all the masses to be ever more vigilant against all treacherous maneuvers that the regime shall surely employ to persist. In the end, everyone must hold on to the certainty that the common interest can be defended only through struggle. They must do everything in their power to bar the MAD alliance from their candidacies to fully being elected. If the ruling class insist in electing these worst reactionaries into position, the people must grab the opportunity that will be surely presented by the rapid intensification of the political situation and use it to forward the people’s demand.

Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte alliance lays the basis for escalation of violence, no election and martial law scenarios