Negrosanons will collectively resist the AFP’s campaign of suppression


Not only did the joint operation of the 94th and 47th Infantry Battalion ruthlessly kill NDF consultant Ericson Acosta and peasant organizer Joseph Jimenez, these fascist soldiers first strafed the house of the Francisco family where Acosta and Jimenez were resting before they were taken forcefully and then “salvaged” early today, November 30, at Sitio Makilo, Barangay Camansi, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental.

The mother and sibling of Ronald Francisco, 41 years old, has raised the alarm because he, his wife Ronalyn, and their three children were also taken to the headquarters of the 47th IB this morning, and, up to this time, cannot be contacted. Ronald’s mother tried to report the incident to the Kabankalan police station but the police officer (with tagname “EMAR”) dismissed her and refused to file a blotter report.

The fake encounter script of truth spinners in the 3rd Infantry Division led by MGen. Benedict Arevalo is now fully exposed as a scheme to whitewash their war crimes. According to Jimenez’ family, the bodies of Ka Ericson and Jimenez have indications that they were stabbed and hacked.

This incident raises the number of fake encounters in Negros under the Marcos Jr regime to 14. Meanwhile, Jimenez is the 7th farmer killed in the island by state forces since July 2022. All peasant killings were notably declared by state forces as “encounters”.

NDF-Negros demands that MGen. Arevalo and the entire 3rd Infantry Division be made accountable for the murder of Acosta and Jimenez, and all the crimes they have perpetrated during their focused military operations. Furthermore, the 47th IB must surface the Francisco family whole and unharmed from their headquarters.

NDF-Negros calls on human rights groups and advocates to conduct an independent fact-finding and forensic investigation to further expose the truth behind these atrocities.

Finally, the NDF-Negros urges the Negrosanons, especially the peasants and workers, to continue fighting for their democratic and economic rights while collectively resisting the AFP’s campaign of suppression. ###

Negrosanons will collectively resist the AFP’s campaign of suppression