NPA-Bikol rejects Marcos Jr.’s desperate amnesty con

The Romulo Jallores Command NPA-Bikol firmly declares that no unit of NPA, people’s militia nor defense unit in Bikol will accept Marcos Jr.’s desperate amnesty con. Amnesty is extended for those who have crimes. Waging a revolution is not a crime but a noble imperative that must be fulfilled.

Clearly, its only agenda is to constrain the ever-strengthening revolutionary fervor and the oppressed and exploited people’s just war. Amidst worsening crises, the correctness and justness of revolution becomes even more cogent. This worries the ruling classes and its puppet government. That is why they are hell-bent on doing anything and everything just to remain in power and bar the people’s uprising and the eventual overthrow of the current exploitative system.

NPA-Bikol and the entire revolutionary movement is true and will remain true to its tasks of advancing the armed struggle, defending the Bikolano masses and fighting until the complete victory of the people’s democratic revolution. Since January this year, different NPA units from Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Masbate and Sorsogon have launched 28 successful armed actions. Alongside this, units of the Red army continue in diligently arousing, organizing and mobilizing the masses in their areas of responsibility to further widen the mass base. They are tireless in pursuing the agrarian revolution not only for the peasantry and masses of the countryside but for the entire nation’s welfare. Now that the country faces an accelerating food crisis, the mutual-aid groups and collective farming practices that the Red army and the revolutionary movement advocate effectively benefit the people.

Also, the people have long distrusted the reactionary government. If it can arrest, kill and massacre ordinary civilians, it can also do this against those who will accept the sham amnesty. Since 2021, the region has already recorded three cases wherein surrenderees who became military and police agents were killed by their own cohorts. Most recent among these is the case of Gringo Chan who was killed last April 14 in Sorsogon. Since 2015, it has been decided that he would be let go from the movement and would not be allowed to come back because of repeated violations of revolutionary policies and discipline. In 2018, he had submitted himself to the ECLIP and had actively participated on 31^(st) IBPA’s activities. But despite his participation in the said battalion’s death squad and his obedience towards the military’s fascist rule, the mercenaries he thought was his allies killed him in the end. There are also no less than 10 incidents in the region wherein the military and police still charged ‘surrenderees’ with trumped-up charges and arrested them.

The regime’s amnesty offer only tries to beguile the revolutionaries and attempts to create vulnerabilities in its ranks. The US-Marcos Jr. baits the people to endanger themselves. But they are mistaken in thinking they can deceive the Red army. Such grand promises can never lure nor entice those who are genuine and devoted revolutionaries who wholeheartedly serve the people. No amount of promise by the reactionary government – amnesty, housing, livelihood packages and others can ever weigh as much as liberty for the people and freedom from oppression and exploitation that only the victory of the people’s democratic revolution can deliver.

NPA-Bikol rejects Marcos Jr.’s desperate amnesty con