Red Salute to Wilfredo "Ka Gigi" Gaayon and Ernesto "Ka Silnag" Lucaben, Jr.


The Leonardo Pacsi Command (NPA – Mt. Province) confers the highest honors and red salute to two of its most brilliant red fighters, Wilfredo “Ka Gigi” Gaayon and Ernesto “Ka Silnag” Lucaben, Jr. who were killed in an armed encounter with troops from the 72nd Division Reconnaisance Company and 54th IB of the Philippine Army last September 28 in Brgy. Mainit, Bontoc. We extend our sincerest condolences to their family, kin and friends.

Ka Gigi and Ka Silnag exemplified the best traits a revolutionary should possess—selfless love for the oppressed masses and endless devotion to the national democratic cause.

While born and raised from other provinces, they both wholeheartedly accepted their deployment to the Mt. Province, even if it required them to work miles away from their home and family. Here they both served as military cadres and performed their duties effectively and with utmost compassion for the masses and comrades.

Ka Gigi, who hailed from Mabaka tribe in Balbalan, Kalinga, grew up in a peasant family and community. He was honed physically in agricultural production, culturally in the rich Kalinga tradition, and politically in the revolutionary movement. He was organized in the Kabataang Makabayan and was an activist mobilizing fellow young people in cultural activities and agrarian campaigns. He developed into a full member and one of the leading cadres of the CPP district commitees, and military commander of the NPA units he was assigned to. He worked with comrades in the guerilla zones of Kalinga, Abra, Ifugao and Mt. Province, and in the Regional Sentro de Grabidad. He was always full of energy, enthusiasm, initiative and conscientiousness in his responsibilities. To the masses, he was eager to learn from them and ready to share revolutionay principles, practices and guidance. To comrades, he was always ready to assist, give advice and accept criticisms as well.

Ka Silnag was born in a peasant family and grew up in a peasant community in Pidpid, Sta Cruz, Ilocos Sur. He was similarly honed in agricultural production and moulded in the revolutionary movement with comrades. He joined the NPA in his youth and advanced into a military cadre in the guerilla zones of Ilocos, Abra and Mt. Province. He was adept at production and technical work. To the masses and comrades, he was enthusiastic in helping them and in sharing of experiences.

The two comrades were examples of the youth’s revolutionary vigor that was put in service of the interest of the masses. They practiced the good working relationship of Ilocanos and Igorots in the advancement of genuine social change.

The revolutionary movement and our people shall forever remember Ka Gigi and Ka Silnag as their banuar–heroes who valiantly fought and died for the attainment of self-determination and national democracy.

Fetad ingganas balligi!

Red Salute to Wilfredo "Ka Gigi" Gaayon and Ernesto "Ka Silnag" Lucaben, Jr.