Resolutely Advance the Revolution and Overcome All Obstacles to Defeat US-Duterte regime’s brutal war!


We celebrate today the 53rd anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) amid intense military and police operations.

Together with the masses, revolutionary forces and allies, we celebrate our victories in various fields of endeavors and revolutionary work.

Most notably on how we persevered in struggle in the face of heightened repression and the brutal tactics employed by the tyrant Duterte and his fascist minions in their counterrevolutionary war.

On how we unwaveringly carry forward the revolution and steadily accumulate politico-military strength.

Far from being “dismantled,” the guerilla front in Southeast Negros continues to consolidate its mass base and expand its areas.

At the time, we took notice of the weaknesses and other internal factors, as well as, the obstacles that we need to overcome to advance the people’s war to greater heights.

Desperate to preserve the rotten semicolonial and semifeudal system and to perpetuate himself in power, Duterte imposed a tyrannical rule and unleashed a murderous campaign of state terror.

The objective conditions for waging the revolution are ever favorable.
The settler communities in Southeast Negros have long been suffering from state neglect in production, health care and other basic social services. The imposition of neoliberal policies further worsened their already dire economic situation. This is further aggravated by the corruption, failed pandemic response and state fascism of the US-Duterte regime.

The people have no other recourse but to wage all forms of struggles, from legal mass movements to armed resistance.

The only way to defeat Duterte’s monstrous war of counterrevolution is by intensifying the revolutionary struggles under the leadership of the CPP and overcoming all obstacles and uniting the people in this great struggle.

No fascist monster can withstand a people determined in cause and united in action. ###

Resolutely Advance the Revolution and Overcome All Obstacles to Defeat US-Duterte regime’s brutal war!