Steadfastly fulfill the role of prophetic disciples propagating the good news of liberation and comprehensively advancing the people’s democratic revolution!


In a clandestine gathering held recently, members of Christians for National Liberation (CNL) – Negros, revolutionary Christians from various churches, denominations, congregations and institutions in Negros Island, manifested its unwavering resolve to consolidate and further expand its ranks and actively contribute to the advance of the revolutionary struggle in the region in all fields.

The role of Christians as prophetic voices proclaiming the good news of liberation and national and class freedom, and denouncing oppression and repression is ever more relevant and imperative today in the light of prevailing bleak socio-economic conditions brought about by the calamitous neoliberal economic prescriptions of US imperialism. Neoliberal policies further denationalize our economy and keep it in perpetual backward state. Bureaucrat puppets of imperialism unleash a wholesale fascist onslaught on people’s rights through state terrorism and evil machinations such as NTF-ELCAC.

It is the moral duty and responsibility of today’s Christians to stand up against injustice, oppression and exploitation. It is the revolutionary legacy of Christ who stood up against the oppressive Roman Empire and proclaimed the good news of liberation to the poor and oppressed.

The regional conference of CNL-Negros resulted in the drafting of a two-year plan of action that focuses not only on internal consolidation, but more significantly, on enriching the integration and involvement of the faithful in the struggles of the basic masses and other oppressed and exploited classes and sectors of society.

CNL-Negros Island commits to actively participate in increasing numbers in the anti-imperialist, anti-feudal and anti-fascist militant mass movements in the cities and in the countryside as it strengthens its current membership and expands its ranks through arduous studies of revolutionary principles and various ideological and political undertakings.

CNL-Negros recognizes the primacy of armed struggle in the national democratic movement and embraces the people’s revolution. It vigorously cherishes the genuine army of the Filipino people, the New People’s Army (NPA). Beyond efforts to gather material, political and other support for the NPA, revolutionary Christians must join the NPA and the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

As an allied organization of the NDFP, CNL-Negros vehemently rejects and condemns the latest “local peace talks” overture of 303rd Brigade OIC Col. Michael Samson and Governor Eugenio Lacson. It is but a psywar ploy and has nothing to do with peace at all. In fact, it is an appendage and some sort of deodorizer to the murderous campaign of the AFP against the revolutionary movement and the people.

We reiterate our call for the resumption of the GRP-NDF peace talks without precondition and on the basis of mutually acceptable principles clearly stipulated in previously signed agreements.

CNL- Negros will do its utmost to fulfill its role and advance the revolution alongside the masses, the real creators of history and the forthcoming socialist society wherein justice, peace and democracy truly reigns. ###

Steadfastly fulfill the role of prophetic disciples propagating the good news of liberation and comprehensively advancing the people’s democratic revolution!