Supreme Court decision will exacerbate state terrorism


State terrorism will surely be exacerbated following the decision of the Supreme Court upholding the constitutionality of the so-called Anti-Terrorism Law (ATL), even if some of its provisions were voided. The decision further emboldens the fascists to carry out more vicious attacks against people fighting for the cause of national liberation and democracy.

The Supreme Court just made the fascists and tyrants very happy. In the hands of the National Task Force (NTF)-Elcac, the ATL will surely be used to further terrorize millions of people.

Even now, workers unions, peasant organizations, student groups, even church people, health workers, teachers and groups defending the people’s welfare and interests have been targeted for armed suppression. Military and police abuses will become even more rampant.

The Supreme Court decision further stokes the culture of impunity that has prevailed among the armed forces, the police and state paramilitaries which have been on a frenzy of suppression and murder over the past six years.

By supporting the ATL, the Supreme Court made itself complicit with state terrorism. From now on, the blood of the victims of the reactionary state’s “war on terror” will be on the hands of the magistrates who affixed their signatures on this decision. They have just signed an omnibus death warrant and gave the NTF-Elcac, the AFP and PNP the license to kill, kill and kill.

The decision of the Supreme Court supporting the ATL compels all democratic sectors to join ranks and amplify their demand for its complete repeal. They must go out into the streets and manifest their indignation.

We maintain that waging armed resistance against tyranny is a legitimate right of the people. In the face of heightening state terrorism, the right to bear arms to fight the oppressors becomes even more indubitable.

Supreme Court decision will exacerbate state terrorism