The highest salute for the people’s martyrs is continuing the struggle


A year after the military beastly massacred them and desecrated their remains, the heroism and invaluable revolutionary contributions of top communist leaders Benito ‘Ka Laan’ Tiamzon ang Wilma ‘Ka Bagongtao’ Austria-Tiamzon remain stark clear in the minds of all revolutionaries. Martyred with them were Joel ‘Ka Divino’ Arceo, Ka Jaja, Ka Yen, Ka Delfin, Ka Lupe, Ka Matt, Ka Butig and Ka Ash. On their first death anniversary, the Bikol revolutionary movement pledges to honor them the greatest way possible by fervently continuing the struggle and advancing the people’s war.

As the tears dry, the desire and decisiveness in every revolutionary to further enrich the revolution nurtured by Ka Laan and Ka Bagongtao, as well as all other true heroes of the people, burn even brighter. Revolutionaries will stop at nothing until they achieve the long desired national liberty and democracy, genuine progress, justice and peace.

With the death of these Party leaders, scores of new revolutionaries and cadres are ready to shoulder heavier tasks that conditions necessitate. It is a challenge for them not only to continue what has been achieved but to bring forth the people’s war to new heights.

In this light, NDF-Bikol along with all Party members and cadres, Red commanders and fighters and the masses vow to be determined in pursuit of improving their capacity to lead and fulfill revolutionary tasks, understanding Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, discovering and nurturing the revolutionary theory and practice. Now and in the future, revolutionaries will strive to be more resolute in reaching the greatest number of people and engaging them to join the people’s democratic revolution.

The highest salute for the people’s martyrs is continuing the struggle