The people's fight for justice rages on!

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The US-Marcos Jr regime is over in its head with the progress currently developing regarding the Filipino people’s battle for human rights. The regime is reeling in trying to protect Duterte and his fascist ilk while still finding ploys to salvage its reputation to the international community. This month, the International Criminal Court (ICC) finally junked the Philippine government’s petition to halt the investigations on Duterte’s bloody drug war that ran from 2016 until 2018 and the spate of Davao death squad killings in 2006. The said decision spells victory for the mass movement for human rights and serves as a warning to all criminals such as Duterte and the entire fascist state.

One thing that the ICC decision underscores is the need for a strong and tenacious mass movement in order to achieve concrete gains for the people. Progressive organizations and the national democratic movement were not intimidated nor cowed by the all-out attacks and belligerent state violence against them. Instead, they fortified their ranks and continued the struggle for justice and common interests. Although the struggle for justice is still far from over, this progress with the ICC is a positive step towards its goal.

Along with NDF-Bikol’s warm congratulations to the brave, hardworking and fine champions of human rights is the challenge for the mass movement to hold onto the gains of their campaigns and persist in the struggle onwards. The Filipino people’s long-standing history proves that the reactionary government only serves the ruling classes. It will never be expected to side with what is right and just nor for the interest of the people. The Marcoses and Dutertes and their desperate elusion from the hands of justice are perfect examples of this state’s rotten core. Genuine and long-term change that will serve the people will only come from their own strength, initiative and struggle.

Above all, these victories within the parliamentary and legal arena can only be fully realized with the eradication of this current exploitative and oppressive system and the erection of a new one. The complete change in societal system that will benefit the people can only be attained through the people’s democratic revolution and its victory. NDF-Bikol encourages everyone to join the armed revolution and fully achieve justice and social development for the current generation and the next ones.

The people's fight for justice rages on!