The rotten system exacerbates effects of natural calamities

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The Marcos Jr. regime wants to make it seem like it has no hand on the endless rampages of natural disasters and the effects of climate change upon the country. That the only things it can do are limited to offering ayuda and rescuing those who were flooded, trapped by landslides and other. But in truth, it is the pro-foreign and pro-capitalist economic policy of the state that he currently represents is the one that has long lain waste upon nature and the country’s natural resources. This is the primary reason why every time a natural calamity strikes the country, damages wrought have always been staggering. In fact, this neoliberal policy and the overall world capitalist system are directly behind the rapidly worsening climate and the increase in disasters and calamities.

The climate disasters borne out of greed and avarice of the ruling few have wreaked tremendous damage amongst the people. The ruling classes’ and foreign investors’ obsession with superprofits caused the rapid denudation of mountains, disruption of natural waterways, hollowing of lands, excessive waste and emissions that quickly raised the world temperature and has caused the formation of typhoons, flashfloods and other calamities. This 2023, the country, including the Kabikulan, has been experiencing weeks of ceaseless downpour. The casualty count has risen up to 44 including 14 from Bikol. Another 11 were reportedly injured while eight are still missing including the two Catandunganon fishermen. Not less than 521 bridges, schools and infrastructures were destroyed while damages in agriculture reached P1.6 billion.

Communities have been flooded, bridges have been destroyed, roads are impassable, farmlands were wrecked, crops have perished and numerous farmers are overburdened with bankruptcy and debts. It has been weeks since the fisherfolk have been able to earn their keep due to inclement weather. Meanwhile, even in the cities, small-time vendors are not able to sell their wares, workers are not able to go to work uninterrupted, transportation and the every day economic movement suffer from disruptions.

The most comprehensive and long term way for the Filipino people and the whole humankind to save the world from complete destruction is to decisively move away from neoliberal policies and disavow the monopoly capitalist system. More than individual and small organizational efforts to reduce waste and preserve nature, the most effective way that has the best solution lies in active struggle to fully end the domination of big capitatlists over natural resources and riches.

The rotten system exacerbates effects of natural calamities