Military summarily kills senior citizen couple in Masbate

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The 2nd IB personnel mercilessly murdered senior citizen spouses Pedro Regala, 78 years old, and Florencia Regala, 67 years old in Barangay Toboran, Cawayan, Masbate on February 5, 2024. The victims were picked up from their home, taken to a remote part of the creek, shot mercilessly, before their bodies were dressed with ammo pouches and falsely claimed to have been killed in an encounter.

The dead bodies of the elderly were dumped on muddy ground and displayed on social media as “terrorists” to cover up their heinous crimes. The 2nd IB unit and a paramilitary group led by Adriel Besana were involved in the murder. Barangay Tuboran is infested by Alsa Masa paramilitary used by the military to sow terrorism in Masbate. It was reported that the killers of the couple were high on drugs.

Arrest. Thirteen civilians were arrested by state forces in various cases in Cebu, Negros, Quezon and Masbate in the past two weeks.

State forces arrested farmer-leader Allan Flores on January 21 at his farm in Sibagay 2, Barangay Cantabaco, Minglanilla, Cebu. He was charged with murder and attempted murder in Bohol. He is detained in Toledo City.

On the same day, three peasant-members of the Kauswagan sang mga Mangunguma sa Buenvista (KMB) were arrested by the 94th IB in Sityo Cantupa-Pisok, Barangay Buenavista, Himamaylan City, Negros Occidental. The farmers were identified as Deloy de Leon, Vincies de Leon and Remy Villacanao. On January 22, the military surfaced Vincies de Leon and charged him with attempted murder. The other two have not yet been surfaced.

In Mulanay, Quezon, the police arbitrarily arrested film director and professor Jade Castro and his three friends on February 2. They were implicated in the burning of an e-jeep in Cata-nauan on January 31. Castro was making a progressive film and has joined the fight against the jeepney phaseout.

In January, state forces arrested five Masbate civilians accused of being Red fighters who clashed with the 2nd IB in Barangay Balantay, Dimasalang on June 16, 2023. The five are Jamara Tumangan, Rowel Hagnaya, Alden Tumangan, Rico Cuyos and Senen Dollete. In fact, the five were victims of soldiers’ shooting, which killed a minor.

Militarization. On January 30, the 96th IB opened fire on residents who dared to extract copra from the coconut plantation seized by the military in Sityo Malapinggan bordering Barangay San Jose, Uson and Barangay Sawmill, Mobo town, Masbate. On January 29, cases of theft and forced entry into houses and illegal searches by CAFGU troops and the military were recorded in Hacienda Mortuegue in the towns of Pio V. Corpuz and Esperanza.

Military summarily kills senior citizen couple in Masbate