US extends and expands war in the Middle East

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Contrary to its lip service of “avoiding” large-scale armed conflict in the Middle East, the US is expanding its imperialist war in the region. Since January 12, it has bombed Houthi forces in North Yemen almost every day, together with the United Kingdom.

The US says it is retaliating against Houthi attacks on Israeli and American ships passing near its territory in the Red Sea. The action of the Houthis is in support of the Palestinian people’s struggle against the genocide of Zionist Israel in Gaza. The Houthis are waging their own armed struggle against the reactionary Yemeni state supported by both Saudi Arabia and the US.

On February 2, the US dropped bombs on 85 locations in Iraq and Syria, in response to the attack on Tower 22, a secret military base in Jordan near the border with Syria, at the end of January. Three American soldiers were killed and 34 wounded in the attack. As in Yemen, attacks on US military facilities were carried out in support of the Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza. More than 27,000 people have been killed in Gaza, 11,500 of whom were children, and 66,630 injured, in the bombings of Zionist Israel since October 7, 2023.

The US bombings, along with its relentless threats to the people of the Middle East, are proof of the Biden regime’s addiction to war to defend and consolidate its hegemony in different parts of the world. Along with facilitating conflicts in the Middle East, it extends Israel’s genocidal campaign in Palestine by opposing calls for a ceasefire and countinuously pouring aid and arms to the Zionist regime. In addition, the US is prolonging its 2-year proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, to the detriment of the Ukrainian people. These wars serve American arms manufacturers to amass millions in superprofits.

US extends and expands war in the Middle East